Once again, Camp Director Dinos Trigonis put together a deep and talented group of the best talent from the Midwestern part of the country, at the Park District Center in LaGrange, IL headed by a trio of the nation’s best in 6-10 Soph Jeremiah Tillman from East St. Louis, IL Senior, 6-2 freshman phenom Marquise Brown of Chicago Simeon, and fast rising 6-6 sleeper Christian Negron from Elgin, IL Larkin, who flat out dominated the top thirty all-star game.

Negron wasn’t the only unknown talent who made a major statement with his play in Chicago, as 6-4 wing man De’Sean Allen from Williston, ND High was a terror early on in the camp before being injured on Sunday, in the game before the all-star match-ups. He left no doubt that he belonged among the camp elite, as most of the scouts in attendance had him competing for best in camp prior to his injury.

The overall depth of the cam was evident in the fact that camp director Trigonis listed at least twenty players who could have made the top sixty all-star group, but he just ran out of space. A true testament to the depth of talent in LaGrange and the Midwest in the classes of 2017 and 2018! With that in mind let’s move on and take a look at the top prospects we observed at the 2014 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp:

Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Top Prospects

Jeremiah Tillman                    6’10”2017  East St. Louis (IL) – He has all the physical tools to be a dominant Scorer on the blocks or facing from 12-foot on the pop out. He has good hands, catches pass and finishes with authority, and is a good at the free throw line. He blocked shots and did good job on the glass. He plays in spurts but is already an Illinois priority (unofficially visited Champaign just prior to arriving at camp).

Jaron Faulds                 6’9”  2017  Holt (Holt MI) - Long and mobile stretch four man is a skilled, can knock down 17-footer or roll and score off the pick. He has ability to catch and finish versus contact, but needs to add upper body strength to reach his full potential and draw mid to high major interest.

Anthony Cameron         6’9”  2017  Tilden (Chicago IL) - Wide-body takes up space inside and is a physical rebounder who can pop and hit 12-footer off the glass, finish through contact at the rim, or dunk on drop step in paint. He ran out of gas on day two, but wants he gets in game shape might be a beast this winter.

Xavier Tillman              6’8”  2017  Forest Hills Central (Grand RapidsMI) - Strong and consistent, interior scorer and rebounder, that came to play each time out. He was tough to stop on blocks and has excellent footwork, uses the glass, and explodes to the rim. He is a tenacious deny defender who took top big in every game on defensive end. He is already a prime target for MichiganState (Spartans have offered) as well as several other Big 10 schools. Very good student too (3.6 GPA).

Manny Patterson          6’8”  2017  KenwoodAcademy (ChicagoIL) - Blue-collar rebounder and shot blocker has really come a long way over last twelve months. He can trail and hit open jumper on perimeter or attack the rim on break and dunk in your face. If he continues to improve at this pace, he will draw mid-up interest next spring.

Mike Downing              6’7”  2017  St. Joseph (WestchesterIL) - Athletic shot blocker and rebounder can flat out go get ball on shot or off the glass. He is extremely long and player bigger than his 6-7 size. He runs court hard and showed that effort can turn into buckets in LaGrange.

Lenell Henry                 6’7”  2017  Morgan Park (Chicago IL) - Bouncy and active big runs the floor very well and can finish with tip dunk or kiss off the glass on offensive boards. He is a force on offensive glass and outlets with best here on defensive end.

Max Techau                  6’6”  2017  Kennedy (Cedar RapidsIA) - Skilled wing can put points on the board with jumper from around the arc and moves well without the ball. He has good hands and can create drive with either hand. He went for 15 points in the top thirty game, and will be one for mid-ups to watch this winter. He is also an excellent student (4.0 GPA).

Christian Negron          6’6”  2017  Larkin (ElginIL) – This athletic wing is a flat-out warrior on the court! He plays with a chip on his shoulder, and competes for every loose ball or carom off the glass. He will become a Big Ten priority after this performance. He hit mid-range jumper with regularity in route to 17-points and MVP honors in the top thirty all-star game.

Romelo Burrell             6’6”  2017  Morgan Park (ChicagoIL) – Athletic comb forward is quick to the glass, can pop 15-footer off the dribble, and has a nose for ball off the glass. He scored an impressive 19 points in the top thirty game and will see his school list grow this fall based on his play at the Pangos/

De’Sean Allen               6’5”  2018  Williston (Williston ND) - Major find of the camp is a promising strong and athletic swingman with enough skill set to project as a future high major priority based on his performance at the Pangos. He has range to three, can run break off rebound or stop and pop open jumper He surprised us with his consistent ability to make plays versus best in cam.

Malik Binns                  6’5”  2017  ChicagoHopeAcademy (ChicagoIL) - Strong and Athletic wing has a motor and flat out gets it done on both ends of the court. He has solid perimeter skills and ability to score off dribble facing the hoop. He has big feet ( size 18 shoe) and may not be done growing.

Coreyon Rushin            6’5” 2017  Westinghouse (Chicago IL) - Very springy swingman reminds us of Corey Benjamin (Oregon State/NBA)with his flare to take it end to end or stop and pop jumper from 17-feet off the dribble . Had had10 point in Top Thirty game. He can take it end to end and finish with highlights at the rim.

Bailey Basala                6’5”  2017  Moline (MolineIL) - Outstanding wing shooter can stroke it from deep, or get on glass and start break with dribble or pass. He is good passer on wing who can be a match-up problem for opponents. He lit it up in Top Thirty game hitting three from deep. He will be one that mid-ups need to monitor.

Lucas Williamson                   6’4”  2017  Whitney Young (Chicago IL) - Well-built wing can catch and finish drive at the rim or stop and pop mid-range jumper with shooter’s touch. He can block shots from help side on defense and is tough to defend off the dribble.

Te’mon Green               6’4”  2017  St. Rita (ChicagoIL) – Athlete wing is an effective dribble drive slasher who can finish with dunk or kiss off the glass. He can grab board and attack end to end or lock you down on defensive end of court.

Dylan Alderson             6’4”  2017  Davison (Davison MI) – Athletic perimeter player can knock it down from deep, or take it to the hoop off the show & go. He has a high basketball IQ and uses it to set up opponents o both ends of the court.

Stephen Harris              6’4”  2017  Oswego East (OswegoIL) - Big and physical wing plays tough defense and is a slashing scorer with ability to finish with strength versus contact. He knocked down jumper from arc or off dribble from 15-feet too! He will see lots of mid-up interest in coming months.

David Hunt                    6’4”  2017  Whitney Young (ChicagoIL) - Athletic wing attacks the basket with authority, can finish with both hands at the rim. He has touch on pull-up from 15-feet and will kick to open man if doubled up!

Isaac Johnson               6’3”  2017  Minneapolis Acad of Arts/Comm (MinneapolisMN) - Smooth scorer can flat out knock it down from long range. He drained 6 “threes” en route to 18 points in Top Thirty game. He can run break in pinch too! Very good student.

Zion Young                             6’2”  2018  Merrillville (MerrillvilleIN) – This wing shooter drained it from beyond the 3-point arc all weekend long. He showed he can drive and finish in the lane and really handle it in pen court.

Marquise Brown           6’2”  2018  Simeon (ChicagoIL) – This big-time passing point guard has to be one of the top players in class at his position. He sees the court and advances ball with pass with bet we’ve seen this spring. He has killer bounce pass that befuddled opponents and delighted his teammates. He can score from three or at the rim too! One of best in Class of 2018, hands down! Big-timers should be all over this lead guard.

DeJohn Hunter             6’2”  2017  North (MinneapolisMN) - Physical wing can score in a variety of ways. He stroked open jumper from three and sashed to hoop and finished versus contact at the rim. He knocked down jumper for 15 points in Top Thirty game to cap sold weekend in LaGrange.

Ishmael Nasir El-Amin6’2”  2017  Hopkins (MinnetonkaMN) - Son of former UConn point Khalid El-Amin has his own style. He knows how to set up teammates with the pass, can knock down three with consistency and will attack hoop off the dribble. With added upper body strength he will see high majors come calling!

Shawn “”PJ”” Pipes   6’1”  2017  Lemont (Lemont IL) - Smart combo-guard is very quick off the bounce and can score from three with regularity or finish drive in traffic on break or off dribble in the half-court. Solid tools could mean move to point in he future/

Jaalen Ray                    6’1”  2017  Zion-BentonTownship (ZionIL) – Pass first point made good decisions with the rock, gets it to open man and can finish in lane when defense takes pass away. He hit mid-range on pull-up, but needs to work on long range jumper to reach levels rest of game promises. He plays “D” too!

Willie Herenton Jr.        6’1”  2017  Whitney Young (Chicago IL) - Quick and athletic combo-guard had his offensive game rolling on day one, hitting three from deep and getting to hoop of the dribble. He is a quality ball handler that has nice passing skills. He can run point or swing to two, depending on what team needed. He will see mid-ups come looking this winter and spring!

Devontae Lane              6’1”  2017 West (Iowa CityIA) – This physical lead guard is a surprisingly quick and tenacious on-ball defender who can make plays on both ends of the court. He is an excellent passer who set up in half court with solid jumper. He lit it up I Top Thirty game going off for 18 points versus best in camp!

Malik Parker                5’10”2017  Marist (ChicagoIL) - Cousin of Jabari Parker (Duke/Milwaukee Bucks) is a smart point that knows how to play. He uses jumper from deep to set up defense for drive or pass. He went off for 17 points (including 3 “threes”) in the Top Thirty game.

Marquan Williams        5’9”  2017  Perspectives MSA (Chicago IL) - Tough young point can create for himself and teammates off the dribble in transition or half-court. He scored 13 points in Top Thirty game, but was at his best pushing nd passing when we saw him.

Best of the Rest: (Top Sixty All-Stars)

Johnnie Jones                  6’9”   2017  Central (East ChicagoIL)

Jared Hofer                     6’9”   2017  Carroll (Ft.Wayne IN)

Cole Eisheid                    6’7″    2018  Boone (BooneIA)

Jamal Cain                      6’7”   2017  Cornerstone (DetroitMI)

Emmanuel Akot               6’6”   2017  Kildonan East Collegiate (WinnepegSASK)

Justin Stovall                   6’6”   2017  Grayslake (GrayslakeIL)

Messiah Jones                 6’4”   2018  Simeon (ChicagoIL)

Tyler Chisom                  6’4”    2017  Proviso East (MaywoodIL)

Isaac McCullough            6’4”   2017  Ottawa (OttawaKS)

Darius Martin                   6’4”   2017  Moline (MolineIL)

Dylan Kaczmarek             6’3”   2017  Downers Grove South (Downers GroveIL)

Cameron Harris               6’3”   2017  Bolingbrook (IL)

Dewayne Rose                6’3”   2017 Crete Monee (CreteIL)

Sasha Stefanovic             6’3”   2017  Crown Point (IN)

Tommie Harbin               6’3”   2017  Marshall (MilwaukeeWI)

Madison Lowery             6’3”   2017  Simeon (ChicagoIL)

Denis Alibegovic             6’2”   2017  Downers Grove South (Downers GroveIL)

KeiShawn Lewis              6’2”   2017  Central (East ChicagoIL)

Xander Miller                  6’1”   2017  LivingstonAcademy (TN)

Eddie Burnett                  6’1”   2017  ProvidenceSt. Mel (ChicagoIL)

Jaylin Fleming                 6’1”   2018  St. Rita (ChicagoIL)

Isaac Golson Jr.              6’1”   2017  LakeFenton (LindenMI)

Jalen Miller                      6’1”   2017  LakeFenton (Lake Fenton MI)

Denzel Fondungallah       6’1”   2017  Cretin-Derham Hall (St. PaulMN)

Arthur Carter                   6’1”   2017  East St. Louis (IL)

Carlos Curtis                   6’1”   2018  Riverside (MilwaukeeWI)

Carlos Hines                   6’0”   2017  NorthLawndaleCollege Prep (ChicagoIL)

Octavius Parker               6’0”   2017  Niles West (SkokieIL)

Evan Gilyard                   5’10”2017  Simeon (ChicagoIL)

Justin Brookens               5’7”   2017  Vincent (MilwaukeeWI)

Up next we will cover the top talent from the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp in West Depford, NJ Riverwinds Center, right here at The Basketball Channel!