The 2016 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph West Camp this past weekend at Cerritos College featured a number of future high major recruits from across the western states. As usual, Camp Co-Directors Dinos Trigonis and Etop UdoEma put together another All-Frosh/Soph camp that was filled with future Division One talent from no less than seven western states.

This young crop was led by a number of talented front court players headed by Jalen Green, Samba Kane, Darren Jones, Kirkland Smith, Deon Stroud and Jonathan Juzang. They headed a field that featured no less than seventy division one talents in Cerritos at the Pangos All-West camp. With that in mind here’s a look at some of the top talent we observed at Cerritos College this past weekend:

Top Twenty Prospects: (Listed By Height)

Samba Kane 6’10 2019 C Aurora (Regis) CO- Young developing big man with a great upside. Raw but developing offensive game but has the makings of being a solid back to the basket offensive player down the road. He defends rim and is an excellent shot blocker and rebounder on both ends!

Darren Jones 6’8 2019 PF San Bernardino (Cajon) CA - Long, athletic and active face-up four man. He can attack off the dribble or hit 15-footer off pull-up. He has a motor and uses athletic ability to out work opponents and finish over bigs around the hoop! He is also a big time football wide receiver who will have to make a decision on which sport to play in college.

Isaiah Mobley 6’8 2019 PF Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA – This long and active power forward showed in spurts that he can dominate the glass and fill a lane and finish on other end in transition. He is an active rebounder who can post and use his length to score in the paint. He needs to play all out all the time to reach full potential, but tools are there to be a force in time.

Evan Mobley 6’8 2020 PF Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA – The younger Mobley really impressed us with ball skills, ability to face and drive or hit mid-range jumper. He has tools to go with athleticism that point to a big-time future if he adds strength and body…stay tuned!

Kirkland Smith 6’7 2019 W/PF Los Angeles (Fairfax) CA - This late comer arrived in camp on Saturday night and had everyone wondering who he was (wasn’t on original roster), but it didn’t take long for this lean and lanky forward to make his presence known on the court. He is a high flying athlete with a very good motor. Runs the court, rebounds, scores in the half court and in transition. Just scratching surface on what he can be!

Malik Muhammad 6’6 2019 W/PF Los Angeles (Verbum Dei) CA – Long power forward and rebounder with good nose for the ball off the glass. He can catch and finish in traffic, but he has to work on his ball skills to face hoop down the road…lots of potential!

Jamon Kemp 6’6 2019 W/PF Seattle (Garfield) WA - Athletic and skilled combo with a great upside. He scored off the drive with bounce and hit jumper from 17-feet. He needs to work on handle and effort, but tools are there. He has great bloodlines as he is the son of the “Rainman” Shawn Kemp.

Deon Stroud 6’6 2019 WF Fresno (San Joaquin Memorial) CA - Super athletic wing who slashes to rim and finishes with highlights! He is a raw talent offensively, but you can see that his athleticism impacts the game on the glass and in transition. He works on defense creating steals and making help side blocks. One for high majors to watch develop!

Jonathan Juzang 6’6 2020 WF North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA - Highly skilled freshman with great size on the perimeter. He is a solid shooter with range to the arc and ability to hit pull-up from 15-feet. He has solid ball skills and create drive going left or right. He will be on national radar soon!

Jalen Green 6’5 2020 WF Fresno (San Joaquin Memorial) CA - Athletic wing that is great in transition or off the dribble drive. He can go both ways and finishes in traffic. He has range to 20 feet, but needs to become more consistent, he is deadly off the dribble going right or left from 15-17-feet. He like Juzang, will be on national radar very soon!

Jaime Jaquez 6’5 2019 WF Camarillo (H.S.) CA - Skilled wing who has lots of offensive tools. He is a good shooter to 20 feet, can hit pull-up off the dribble or finish at the rim. He showed he can push it off the glass and delivers rock to open man in transition. One for Pac 12 to monitor for sure.

Julien Franklin 6’5 2019 WF Villa Park (H.S.) CA – Explosive young wing scorer who can knock down jumper from three or off the dribble from 15-17 feet. He can board and take it end to end or isolate and drive to hoop and finish with both hands. Scorer whose stock will soar if he learns to board and defend at level of offensive skills.

Marcus Tschonis 6’4 2019 SG/WF Portland (Jefferson) OR - Scoring wing with nice size to swing at the scoring guard to wing forward spots. He shoots it with Range to three, but is streaky on the perimeter. He can slash and finish and when he develops consistency on his shot, look out!

Jarod Lucas 6’3 2019 SG Hacienda Heights (Los Altos.) CA – Athletic scoring guard with excellent ball skills to create drive or shot off the dribble going left o right. He has range top the arc, but is at his best pulling up from 15-feet. He can board and run the break in transition. He is a good passer who just needs to learn to make better decisions to complete combo package.

Gianni Hunt 6’2 2019 SG Torrance (Bishop Montgomery) CA – Athletic slasher can attack hoop with either hand, finish with floater or highlights at the rim. He is a solid rebounder who will get after you on the defensive end. Has skills, but tends to rely on athleticism.

Josh Christopher 6’2 2020 P/SG Lakewood (Mayfair) CA – This young guard has the ball skills to play either guard spot, especially in transition game where he showed he could run the break and push it from end to end. He has range to the arc and can create shot off the dribble. Definitely a young talent for high majors to monitor!

Chance Michaels 6’2 2019 PG Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV – This young, but solid lead guard made great decisions all weekend. He sees court, is a pinpoint passer and has the ability to score with jumper to arc or off the dribble in the mid-range. He will definitely be on the floor at the end of the game for Bishop Gorman.

Tyrese Rankins 6’1 2019 P/SG Portland (Grant) OR – This sweet shooting combo guard kicked off the weekend hitting three deep threes, then showed he can attack the hoop off the dribble with either hand. He is a good passer who sees the court, but right now is more score first oriented. Look for him to develop into solid combo talent.

Jaxen Turner 6’0 2019 PG Moreno Valley (Rancho Verde) CA – Slashing and driving combo guard showed he can score off the dribble and finish with either hand in traffic, as well pull-up and knock down 15-footer. He is a solid passer, but needs to read defense and use his quickness more to his advantage, stay tuned!

Ethan Anderson 5’10 2019 PG Los Angeles (Fairfax) CA – This young lead guard can really push it in transition or attack the hoop off the dribble. He showed range to arc, but needs to see the defense and make better decisions to become true high major floor leader.

Top 40 Prospects: (Next Twenty / Listed By Height

Assane Diouf 7’2 2019 C Denver (East) CO
Antwan January 6’9 2019 C Woodland Hills (Taft) CA
Isaiah Cottrell 6’8 2020 C/PF Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
Abdul Mohamed 6’7 C/PF 2019 Seattle (West) WA
Walter Talley 6’7 2019 PF Phoenix (Desert Vista) AZ
Jake Kyman 6’7 2019 PF Rancho Santa Margarita (Santa Margarita) CA
Max Agbonkpolo 6’6 2019 PF Santa Margarita (Santa Margarita) CA
Cade Potter 6’6 2019 W/PF Orange (Lutheran) CA
Alan Pollard 6’6 2019 W/PF Highland (Lone Peak) UT
Nick Blake 6’5 2019 W/PF Las Vegas (Durango) NV
Elijah Scranton 6’5 2019 SF/SG Sun Valley (Village Christian) CA
Jalen Clark 6’4 2020 WF Corona (Centennial) CA
Braelee Albert 6’4 2019 SG/WF Los Angeles (Brentwood) CA
Noah Taitz 6’3 2020 WF Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
D’Maurion Williams 6’3 2019 WF Avondale (Westview) CA
Sedrick Hammonds 6’2 2019 SG Las Vegas (Clark) NV
Ryan Evans 6’2 2020 SG Rancho Santa Margarita (Santa Margarita) CA
Makari Whiteside 6’2 PG 2019 Bellflower (St. John Bosco) CA
Keith Dinwiddie 6’0 2020 PG Los Angeles (Verbum Dei) CA
Zaon Collins 5’11 2021 PG Las Vegas (Faiss Middle School) NV

Best of the Rest: (Division One Potential / Listed by Height)

Dischon Thomas 6’8 2019 C Phoenix (Hillcrest) AZ
Brennan Newsom 6’7 2019 C/PF Sacramento (Sheldon) CA
Finnley O’Rourke 6’7 C/PF Los Angeles (Brentwood) CA
Elias King 6’7 2019 C/PF Sacramento (Christian Brothers) CA
Daniel Boatwright 6’6 2019 W/PF Sun Valley (Village Christian) CA
Kobe Craig 6’6 2019 PF Bellflower (St. John Bosco) CA
Jhaun Westbrook 6’5 2019 PF Victorville (Serrano) CA
Ian Alexander 6’5 2019 WF Las Vegas (Clark) NV
Connor Torell 6’5 2019 WF San Diego (Mission Prep) CA
David Jones 6’5 2019 WF Sacramento (Grant) CA
Stephen Richardson 6’5 2019 WF Sacramento (Grant) CA
De’Shawn Johnson 6’5 2020 WF Los Angeles (Price) CA
Brase Dottin 6’5 2020 WF North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA
Dylan Alono 6’5 2019 WF Corona (Roosevelt) CA
Christian Wilson 6’4 WF San Diego (Balboa) CA
Dylan Cabs 6’4 2019 WF Lakewood (Mayfair) CA
Robert McRae 6’4 2019 WF Los Angeles (Fairfax) CA
Shemar Morrow 6’4 2020 WF La Mirada (High)
Jace Roquemore 6’4 2019 WF Henderson (Foothill) NV
Peter Erickson 6’4 2020 Enumclaw (High) WA
Derrick Carter-Hollinger 6’4 2019 SG/WF El Cajon (Foothills Christian) CA
Quincy McGriff 6’3 2020 WF Los Angeles (Westchester) CA
Justin Huelskamp 6’3 2019 SG Fresno (San Joaquin Memorial) CA
Dillon DePina 6’3 2020 WF North Hills (Heritage) CA
Joseph Octave 6’3 2019 SG/WF San Pedro (Mary Star) CA
Seth Dawson 6’3 2019 SG/WF Sacramento (Inderkum) CA
Aidan Prukop 6’3 2020 SG/WF Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA
Max Cheylov 6’3 2019 SG Canoga Park (Faith Baptist) CA
Julian Rishwain 6’3 2019 SG Sherman Oaks (Notre Dame) CA
L. Simpson 6’2 2019 SG North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA
Will McClendon 6’2 2021 SG Henderson (Miller MS) NV
Bryce Kilkenny 6’1 2019 SG Westlake (High) CA
Justin Rene 6’1 2019 P/SG Long Beach (Poly) CA
Jordan Montgomery 6’1 2020 P/SG Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA
Nolan Wedlow 6’0 2019 SG Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
Iniko McNeil 6’0 2019 P/SG Oakland (Bishop O’Dowd) CA
Devin Askew 6’0 2020 P/SG Sacramento (Country Day) CA
Garrett Siebels 6’0 2019 PG Petaluma (Casa Grande) CA
Bryce Goodwin 6’0 2020 PG Henderson (Coronado) NV
Tyrone Foster 5’11 2020 PG Denver (Lincoln) CO
Jaden Nielsen 5’9 2019 PG Salem (South Salem) OR
Kadar Waller 5’9 2019 PG Bakersfield (Liberty) CA
Evan Oliver 5’7 2020 PG Perris (Citrus Hill) CA
John Clausell 5’6 2019 PG Santa Monica (St. Monica) CA

Watch for more coverage of the nation’s top underclassmen this fall, as The Basketball Channel attends the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph East, South, and Midwest Camps!