The high school season is just past the halfway point and the nation’s top freshmen are starting to get noticed by scouts and coaches across the country. Although, no one player has broken away from the lead pack to date, exceptional young talents like 6’8 Gregory Brown, 6’8 Emmanuel Jones, 6’8 Evan Mobley, and 6’5 Jalen Green (Pictured) had huge breakout sessions at John Lucas Enterprises and Pangos All-Frosh/Soph camps this past fall!

Irregardless of who’s on top, there is lots of size to intrigue and talented perimeter players to say that the freshman Class of 2020 has all the makings of a very good class, especially if the point guard spot (its early weakness) can develop some depth at the top of the class.

So, with that in mind, here is how we see the nation’s top rising freshmen today, as we take a look at my FutureStars Class of 2020 Top 30+ talents to watch:

Van Coleman’s FutureStars Class of 2020 Top 30+ Players to Watch!

Top Thirty+ Players to Watch: (Listed by Height – Not rankings!)

Players                                                         Hgt       Class              Pos                                                  Hometown High School State - College

Robert Bobroczky                                       7’7        2020              C                                                     Geneva (Spire Academy) OH

Mabor Majok                                               7’1        2020              C                                                     Fishers (Hamilton Southeastern) IN

Emanuel Okpoma                                       6’11      2020              C                                                     Huntington (Prep) WV

Hunter Dickinson                                        6’11      2020              C                                                     Hyattsville (DeMatha) MD

Xavier Foster                                               6’10      2020              C                                                     Oskaloosa (H.S.) IA

Scott Vollmer                                              6’10      2020              C                                                     New Canaan (St. Luke’s School) CT

Cliff Omoruyi                                              6’10      2020              C                                                     North Arlington (Queen of Peace) NJ

Isaiah Todd                                                  6’9        2020              C                                                     Richmond (John Marshall) VA

Jaemyn Brakefield                                      6’9        2020              C                                                     Huntington (Prep) WV

Ben Todd                                                     6’9        2020              C                                                     West Hills (Chaminade) CA

Jamari Sibley                                               6’9        2020              C                                                     Milwaukee (Rufus King) WI

Evan Mobley                                               6’8        2020              PF                                                   Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA

Emmanuel Jones                                         6’8        2020              PF                                                   The Woodlands (Christian) TX

Mikael Jones                                               6’8        2020              PF                                                   Philadelphia (Girard College) PA

Raymond Terry                                           6’7        2020              PF                                                   Gary (Ira Bowman Academy) IN

Jason Harris                                                 6’7        2020              CF                                                   Mesa (Desert Ridge) AZ

Gregory Brown                                           6’6        2020              WF                                                  Austin (Brentwood Christian) TX

Jonathan Juzang                                          6’6        2020              WF                                                  North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA

Jabari Abdur-Rahim                                   6’6        2020              WF                                                  Orange (Seton Hall Prep) NJ

Che Evans                                                    6’6        2020              WF                                                  Baltimore (Delaney) MD

Terrence Williams                                       6’5        2020              CF                                                   Washington (Gonzaga) DC

Kyree Walker                                              6’5        2020              WF                                                  Hayward (Moreau Catholic) CA

Jay Wilson                                                   6’5        2020              WF                                                  Denton (Ryan) TX

Jalen Green                                                  6’5        2020              WF                                                  Fresno (San Joachim Memorial) CA

Cade Cunningham                                      6’5        2020              WF                                                  Arlington (Bowie) TX

Nico Mannion                                             6’4        2020              SG                                                   Phoenix (Pinnacle) AZ

R.J. Hampton                                               6’4        2020              SG                                                   Little Elm (H.S.) TX

Cassius McNeilly                                        6’4        2020              SG                                                   Toronto (Thornlea) ON

Shemar Morrow                                          6’4        2020              SG                                                   La Mirada (H.S.) CA

Marcus Bagley                                            6’4        2020              SG                                                   Chatsworth (Sierra Canyon) CA

Jade Springer                                               6’3        2020              SG                                                   Concord (Cox Mill) NC

Jordan Toles                                                6’3        2020              CG                                                  Baltimore (St. Frances) MD

Noah Taitz                                                   6’2        2020              SG                                                   Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV

Jalen Suggs                                                  6’2        2020              PG                                                   Minneapolis (Minnehaha Academy) MN

Others To Watch: (Listed By Height)

Players                                                         Hgt       Class              Pos                                                  Hometown High School State - College

Jonathan Aku                                               6’10      2020              C                                                     Andover (Proctor Academy) MA

Ebenezer Dowuona                                     6’10      2020              C                                                     Newnan (Heritage School) GA

Zachary Loveday                                        6’10      2020              C                                                     Bidwell (Galina Academy) OH

Jeffery Woodard                                         6’10      2020              C                                                     Philadelphia (Roman Catholic) PA

Isan Muhammad                                         6’10      2020              C                                                     New York (TBD) NY

Allen Udenadu                                            6’9        2020              C                                                     Houston (Christian Life) TX

Maximillian Amadason                              6’9        2020              C                                                     Brookville (Our Savior Lutheran) NY

Elijah Everett                                               6’9        2020              C                                                     Wayne (DePaul Catholic) NJ

Elijah Taylor                                                6’9        2020              PF                                                   Philadelphia (Imhotep Charter) PA

Isaiah Cottrell                                              6’8        2020              C                                                     Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV

Lance Ware                                                  6’8        2020              C                                                     Burlington (Life Center) NJ

Justin Lewis                                                 6’8        2020              PF                                                   Towson (Calvert Hall) MD

Akeem Odusipe                                           6’8        2020              PF                                                   Knoxville (Kings Academy) TN

Bryan Hall                                                   6’7        2020              PF                                                   East Hartford (H.S.) CT

Addison Patterson                                       6’7        2020              PF                                                   Milton (Bishop Reding) ON

Nate Tabor                                                   6’7        2020              CF                                                   Waterbury (Sacred Heart) CT

Caleb Dorsey                                               6’7        2020              CF                                                   Pottstown (The Hill School) PA

Corey Walker                                              6’7        2020              WF                                                  Jacksonville (Bishop Snyder

Julian Strawther                                           6’6        2020              WF                                                  Henderson (Liberty) NV

Jerry Iliya                                                     6’6        2020              WF                                                  Troy (Redemption Christian) NY

Silas Mason                                                 6’6        2020              WF                                                  Greensboro (Ben Smith) PA

Jyare Davis                                                  6’5        2020              WF                                                  Hockessin (Sanford) DE

Gary Grant                                                   6’5        2020              WF                                                  Bronx (St. Raymond’s) NY

Myles Stute                                                  6’5        2020              WF                                                  Washington (Gonzaga) DC

Jalen Johnson                                              6’5        2020              SG                                                   Sun Prairie (H.S.) WI

Nate Dominick                                            6’4        2020              WF                                                  Plano (Senior) TX

Micah Peavy                                                6’4        2020              WF                                                  Houston (DeKaney) TX

Tristan Marshall                                          6’4        2020              SG                                                   Huntersville (North Mechlenburg

E.J. Evans                                                    6’4        2020              SG                                                   Trenton (Catholic) NJ

L.J. Cryer                                                     6’4        2020              SG                                                   Katy (H.S.) TX

A.J. Hoggard                                               6’3        2020              SG                                                   Radnor (Archbishop Carroll) PA

Tramon Mark                                              6’3        2020              SG                                                   Dickinson (H.S.) TX

Chance Mott                                                6’3        2020              SG                                                   Mansfield (Ontario) OH

Adam Miller                                                6’3        2020              PG                                                   Peoria (Manuel) IL

Eric Butler                                                   6’2        2020              CG                                                  Smith’s Station (H.S.) AL

Jeremy Roach                                              6’2        2020              PG                                                   Fairfax (Paul VI) VA

Naseem Khalid                                            6’1        2020              PG                                                   Jacksonville (First Coast) FL

Carson McCorkle                                        6’1        2020              PG                                                   Raleigh (Broughton) NC

Keith Dinwiddie                                          6’0        2020              PG                                                   Los Angeles (Verbum Dei) CA

Lynn Grier                                                   6’0        2020              PG                                                   Philadelphia (Roman Catholic) PA

Posh Alexander                                           5’11      2020              PG                                                   Brookville (Our Savior Lutheran) NY

Jalen Cone                                                   5’11      2020              PG                                                   Walkertown (H.S.) NC

Sharife Cooper                                            5’10      2020              PG                                                   Powder Springs (McEachern) GA

Noah Farrakhan                                           5’10      2020              PG                                                   Newark (St. Benedicts) PA

Joel Watts                                                    5’9        2020              PG                                                   Chicago (St. Rita) IL

That’s our first look at the Class of 2020, we will update the class again after the Spring Evaluation Period, so if you think we missed a deserving player…just email me at [email protected] and I will add them to me spring evaluation!