We were at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph South camp this past weekend in Dallas, TX at the Triple A Academy gymnasium to evaluate some of the top young talent available in Texas and the surrounding states. Once again, Camp Director Dinos Trigonis and his site director Stacy Houston put together some top notch young talent at the Pangos South event headed by 2019’s top big man, 6-10 power forward Charles Bassey (pictured above), but he wasn’t the only national level talent in attendance. As we observed at least a dozen players who will be in the conversation for national ranked spots as we look forward to the Classes’ of 2019, 2020, and 2021 over the next month.

Look for talent like rising sophs De’Vion Harmon, Charles Smith, Tyrese Maxey, Jalen Wilson, Stanley Joseph, Drew Timme, Chris Harris, Taleek Smith, and Trey Williams to vie for spots in the national rankings, as will rising frosh Cade Cunningham, Emmanuel Jones, Jerry Iliya, Nate Dominick and rising 8th grader Arthur Kaluma. They headed a talented group that featured over seventy future division one scholarship level talents. With that in mind, here is a look at the top prospects from the 2016 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camp in Dallas, TX:

Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Top Prospects:

Sweet 16 Prospects That Intrigued: (Listed By Height)

Charles Bassey 6’10” PF 2019 St. Anthony (San Antonio TX) – This immensely skilled and athletic face up big man is currently the top talent in the Class of 2019, and he didn’t do anything to change that opinion in Dallas. He dominated when inspired or was challenged and was a good teammate throughout using the pass off the move to involve teammates. Only knock on him is that he tends to play to competition at times, and needs to play like he does against seniors when facing younger talent. With normal progression a lottery pick, with continued hard work, especially extending shot range, he could go No.1 in draft in 2020!

Stanley Joseph 6’10” C 2019 Life Prep (Wichita KS) – This long and athletic big man really intrigued us with his ability to fly from end to end, finish with dunk or kiss, and his ability to get on the glass on both ends! He really needs to work on post moves and use his great length better, but let’s face it he has three years before he steps on college campus to develop two low block moves a step out that will make him one of top big men in his class. No one his size runs the court as well in Class of 2019!

Drew Timme 6’9” C/PF 2019 Pierce (Richardson TX) – One of the new bigs who popped up on the radar in Dallas, this physical and mobile big man can pop and face from elbow, but is at his best utilizing his body and feet on the blocks to score going either way with variety of moves. He has good bounce to finish above the rim and he made defense pay when doubled up with his ability to find open man with the pass out of post or top of the key. His skill set will make him an immediate impact player once he reaches college levels.

Tyreek Smith 6’8” PF 2019 Advanced Preparatory Int’l (Dallas TX) – This long and athletic forward has great bounce and can explode to the rim or create highlights of the drive. He dominated the Top 30 Cream of the Crop game with 24 points and 6 rebounds versus the camp’s best! He has excellent hands catches in traffic and finishes with highlights. He needs to work on extending his range to face and his touch around hoop, but athletic gifts put him in the upper echelon of Sophomore class.

Emmanuel Jones 6’8” C/PF 2020 The Woodlands Christian Academy (TX) – This long and active young freshman post forward can block shots and get on glass with aggression for one so young. He caught it in traffic and finished thru contact. He has good bloodlines (former NBA’er Dwight Jones grandson), but he still has lots of work to do offensively, but was good for catch and finish in Dallas. One for High Majors to monitor as he adds strength.

Jerry Iliya 6’6” WF 2020 Redemption Christian (Troy NY) – Slashing wing forward is ultra-athletic, can get to rim for highlighted or use his explosive quickness to lock down opposing foes. to the rim and is a tough defender. He scored 11 points and grabbed 6 boards in All-Star game! He is an excellent weakside shot blocker that excelled on defense at times in Dallas!

Arthur Kaluma 6’6” WF 2021 Frankford MS (TX) – Young wing can flat out score 15-feet to the arc. He has good ball skills and can create shot or drive with his quick feet and length. He even hit a three on couple occasions, so his future is to expand his game to the wing full-time and become an excellent wing scorer! He is without a doubt one of the top ten to fifteen 8th graders we have seen so far this year!
Jalen Wilson 6’6” WF 2019 Guyer (Denton TX) - Talented swingman can score well off the bounce or can take you to the block and score with his back to the basket ala Charles Barkley or Michael Jordan. He can push the rock in transition, finish or dish it if need dictates. and is an underrated passer. His length and quickness let him defend four spots on the floor, look for him to be highly sought in the future.

Charles Smith IV 6’5” WF 2019 Westbury Christian (Houston TX) – Another intriguing athlete with ability to slash and finish with highlights at the rim. He showed he can knock down the fifteen footer off the dribble or catch and shoot it from beyond the arc. He had 19 points and 4 boards win the “Cream of the Crop Top 30 game. He has range to set up the drive and is at his best attacking rim or stopping and popping mid-range J. He is one High Majors have to monitor!

Trey Williams 6’5” WF 2019 The Colony (The Colony TX) – This multi-skilled wing scorer can swing at the two and three spots where he can score board or defend due to his ability to see the floor and exploit opponent’s week spots defensively. He showed range to arc, can create drive with either hand and is a finisher in the paint. He will get after you on defensive end and has tools to board and start the break!

Cade Cunningham 6’5” SG/WF 2020 Bowie (Arlington TX) – This wing guard/forward has the great ball skills, can take board and run break of set you up and take you one-on-one going right or left. He showed solid jumper inside arc and with extended range cn become a big-time scorer. He plays hard on both ends and doesn’t back down from contact when he attacks the rim or boards.

Nate Dominck 6’4” WF 2020 Plano Senior (Plano TX) – This skilled wing forward can knock down jumper from three or off the dribble from 15-feet with regularity. He has sneaky quicks and surprised opposing defenders with his ability to get by them off the dribble, He has ability to run the break off the glass and is an excellent passer who has good court vision off dribble in half-court game.

Niko Bossinakis 6’3” SG/WF 2019 Colleyville Heritage (Colleyville TX) – Hard working blue collar wing has range to three, can run break or create dribble drive. He battles you on the glass or defensively and doesn’t back down from bigs on contact. He just grew on me over the weekend with his competitive approach to the game. He will be good one in college because he is willing to do whatever it takes to get job done!

Tyrese Maxey 6’3” P/SG 2019 Garland (TX) – This big time athlete, has combo guard skills, he runs break and showed he can dish it off the dribble in have court game. He has huge bounce and wowed crowd with couple highlight duns. But, it is his potential to develop into a full-time lead guard that gets you’re juices flowing. His quickness, strength, and solid court vision means high majors are going to look to him to become a BT lead guard!

Chris Harris 6’2” SG 2019 South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX) – Strong and physical scoring guard who showed he can knock down three to set up “D” for penetration where he finishes versus contact at the rim. He has solid handle and creates opportunities in mid-range or with the drive. He will get after you on the defensive end, and is definitely a guy who can make plays on both ends of the court. He should be on the High major radar right now!

De’Vion Harmon 6’2” PG 2019 Guyer (Denton TX) - He is a tough, confident and assertive lefty lead guard who tore it up at Team USA mini-camp, then came to Pangos and was top point in Dallas! He has excellent strength and attacks the hoop, finishes versus contact and has the ability to find open man if doubled or triple teamed. He has range to arc, but needs to work on shot consistency to complete his overall package. He already has offers from Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, SMU and Oklahoma State.

Next 25 That Caught Our Eye: (Listed By Height)

Dearon Tucker 6’10” C 2019 Universal Academy (Coppell TX)
Jonathan Aku 6’10” C 2020 Procter Academy (Andover NH)
Brant Banks 6’9” C 2019 St. Thomas (Houston TX)
Grant Jones 6’8” C/PF 2019 Chisholm Trail (Ft. Worth TX)
Proper Obidiebube 6’8” C/PF 2019 St. Anthony (San Antonio TX)
Montavious Murphy 6’7” C/PF 2019 Klein Collins (Spring TX)
Samuel Williams 6’6” W/PF 2019 Rockwall (Richardson TX)
Ghostone 6’6” PF 2020 Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX)
Caleb Lohner 6’6” PF 2020 Flower Mound (TX)
Breon Thompson 6’6” WF 2020 Highlands (San Antonio TX
Marvens Petion 6’5” WF 2019 Life Prep (Wichita KS)
Jay Wilson 6’5” WF 2020 Ryan (Denton TX) -
Jamius Ramsey 6’4” WF 2019 Mansfield (TX) Atletic slasher and scorer
Moses Moody 6’4” WF 2020 Parkview (Little Rock AR)
Hayden Brittingham 6’4” SG 2020 Crowley (Crowley TX)
Tramon Mark 6’3” WF 2020 Dickinson (Dickinson TX)
Zarek Thomas 6’3” SG 2019 South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX)
Avery Anderson 6’3” SG 2019 Northwest (Justin TX)
Jalen Posey 6’3” SG 2020 Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX)
Darius Whinington 6’2” SG 2020 Grand Prairie (TX)
Korbin “KJ” Cunningham 6’1” P/SG 2019 Rudder (Bryan TX)
Joe Rollins 6’0” SG 2019 Atascocita (Humble TX)
Ashton Dedner 6’0” PG 2019 eStem (Little Rock AR)
Keonte Cornelius 5’11” PG 2019 Spring (Spring TX)
Bryce Cook 5’7” PG 2019 South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie TX)

Best of the Rest: (potential Division One Prospects: (Listed By Height)

Sam Freeman 6’8” C/PF 2019 Cedar Hill (TX)
Kylon Owens 6’8” C/PF 2020 South Oak Cliff (Dallas TX)
Roy Eze 6’8” C/PF 2020 St. John’s (Washington DC)
Rodney Mutaasa 6’7” PF 2019 Canterbury (DeSoto TX)
Solomon Eric 6’7” C/PF 2021 Home Schooled (McKinney TX)
Samuell Williamson 6’6” PF 2019 Rockwall (Rockwall TX)
Jonathan Alexandre 6’6” PF 2020 Legacy Christian Academy (Frisco TX)
Duncan Powell 6’6 C/PF 2021 Triple A Academy (Dallas TX)
Isaiah Lewis 6’5” W/PF 2019 Lone Star (Frisco TX)
Legon Doss 6’5” W/PF 2019 Nolan Catholic (Fort Worth TX)
Scotty Turner 6’4” WF 2020 John Tyler (Tyler TX) -
Albert Davis 6’4” WF 2019 Seguin (Arlington TX)
KJ Pruitt 6’4 WF 2020 Little Elm TX HS
Jaedun Slack 6’4’ WF 2020 Triple A Academy (Dallas TX)
Jaden Jones 6’4” SG 2021 Texas V Academy (Richardson TX)
Donovan Craddock 6’3” SG 2019 Trimble Tech (Ft. Worth TX)
Quinton Ford 6’3” SG 2019 Copperas Cove (TX)
Tyler Poindexter 6’2” SG 2019 Shepton (Plano TX)
Justino Vasquez 6’2” SG 2019 Fontainebleau (Martinsville LA)
Chris Franklin 6’2” SG 2019 Independence (Frisco TX)
Tyler McGhie 6’2” SG 2020 Guyer (Denton TX)
Antonio Warren 6’2” SG 2020 McDonough 35 (New Orleans LA)
Jordan Johnson 6’1” SG 2019 Strake Jesuit (Houston TX)
Peyton Roberson 6’1” PG 2019 Edmond Memorial (Edmond OK)
Ty Archibald 6’0” PG 2019 Katy (Katy TX)
Zach Taylor 6’0 PG 2019 St. Stephens (Austin, TX)
Brandon Haddock 6’0 PG 2019 Carroll (South Lake TX)
Vencent Rockwall 6’0” PG 2020 Allen (Allen TX)
Jordan Persad 6’0” PG 2020 St. Anthony (San Antonio TX
Evan McCarthy 5’11” PG 2019 Mansfield (TX)
Mike Miles 5’10” PG 2020 Lancaster (Lancaster TX)
Christian Williams 5’10 PG 2019 Conway (Conway AR)
Cameron Bell 5’10’ PG 2019 Millwood(Oklahoma City OK)
Keon Jones 5’9” PG 2020 Klein Oak (Spring TX)
Marcus Gordon 5’9” PG 2019 Shepton (Plano, TX)
Danny Sommerhalder 5’9 PG 2020 Carroll (Southlake TX)
Nick Harris 5’7 PG 2020 North (McKinney TX)
Isaiah Chandler 5’7 PG 2020 Skyline (Balch Springs TX

Up next, we will feature The Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Midwest from this past weekend in La Grange, IL featuring top talent from across a ten state area headed by stellar wing talent Patrick McCaffery and some of the Windy City’s best young talent.