The summer is done and most of the events that effect our rankings of the rising junior class have competed for now, until the season kicks off in November. So its time to take our post summer/pre-season look at the juniors that form the Class of 2020!

Heading into the summer of 2019, in my mind there wasn’t a clear cut number one in this class with as many as five or even six players who has solid arguments on why they deserved the top spot. But, the month of July as it has many times before proved that the Cream rises to the top and this summer the junior talent that did just that in our eyes was 6’10 combo forward Evan Mobley (pictured above) from Temecula, CA. He has a hybrid game that reminds me in many ways of a young Kevin Garnett with a dash of Kevin Durant. He is an amazing rebounder, despite his thin frame, finishes versus contact, and can flat out create with dribble and has ability to score in all three zones. He is an excellent shot blocker who effects the game on both ends of the court. He has Garnett’s don’t back down from anyone attitude that makes him our pick as the top talent in the Class of 2020!

Right behind him is a quartet of talents that will make sure Mobley can’t take a step back, or he could lose the top spot, they are all potentially players who can re-claim that spot.  In at number two is the player I felt dominated the high school season at West Palm Beach University School and didn’t drop off much in summer play in 6’8 wing man Scottie Barnes. He has a wealth of skills can board and run the break, knock down open jumper to three or create with either hand in isolation. He had a little problem with consistency this summer when we watched, but when he’s focused has all the tools to push Mobley for the top spot. Up next, at number three is the offensive star of the summer and our biggest mover in 6’5 swing man Anthony Edwards from Atlanta, GA. He is an extraordinary athlete who can make highlights off the dribble and finish by postering opponents! He has a sweet jumper from three that makes him impossible to contain off the dribble. He has all the tools to dominate at the collegiate level! In at Number four is a one of the smoothest talents in the class in 6’8 wing man Jalen Johnson from Sun Prairie, WI. He has a high basketball I.Q. to go with a great skill set and upper level athleticism that lets him affect the game on both ends of the court. He has range, can score in all three zones and comes to war with you every time he steps on the court. Rounding out the top five is an explosive athletic scoring guard who has left many a crowd buzzing with his ability to thunder over opponents off the dribble in transition or the half court. He has been at the top of our list before and needs to continue to expand his game, utilize his solid jumper to create more opportunities to use his talents. No one doubts his potential, but he needs to pull all the pieces together.

The second five is headed by smooth scoring guard 6’4 R.J. Hampton who can knock down the three with regularity, explode to hoop and score with either hand in traffic. He has a solid basketball I.Q. and is an efficient scorer who makes plays on both ends of the court. A winner who is pushing for a top five spot! At number seven is an athletic wing talent in 6’7 Gregory Brown who can score in bunches, rebound out of his zone and lock you down on defensive end. Right behind him is one of the top lead guards in the class in 6’3 Jalen Suggs. A true floor leader who can create drive or pass in half court, and is at his best pushing and attacking defense in transition. At number nine, is another former number one 6’9 Isaiah Todd, who has great skills at the four spot, but had an up and down summer that saw him drop in the rankings. He has tools and could challenge for a top five spot if he returns to form we saw last year. Rounding out the top ten is 6’10 shot blocker and rebounding machine N’Faly Dante. He tore it up at times, but like Todd needs consistency to move up on this list. He is a proto-type big who is made for the pick and roll game at the next two levels.

The top ten is set for now, but fast risers like Cade Cunningham, Josh Christopher, Isaiah Jackson, Moses Moody, and Xavier Foster could continue to push for spots among the elite thru next spring. We definitely are a long way away from a final list, that for sure!  So, with that in mind, here is how we see the nation’s top rising sophomores today, as we take a look at my FutureStars Class of 2020 Top 100 and other talents to watch:

Van Coleman’s FutureStars Class of 2020 Top 100 Players!

Rank/Players                                       Hgt      Pos            Hometown High School State – College

  1. Evan Mobley                                     6’10      CF                Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA – USC
  2. Scottie Barnes                                   6’8        WF              West Palm Beach (University School) FL
  3. Anthony Edwards                            6’5        SG              Atlanta (Holy Spirit) GA
  4. Jalen Johnson                                  6’8        WF              Sun Prairie (H.S.) WI
  5. Jalen Green                                       6’5        SG              Fresno (San Joachim Memorial) CA
  6. R.J. Hampton                                   6’4        SG              Little Elm (H.S.) TX
  7. Gregory Brown                                 6’7        WF              Austin (Vandergrift) TX
  8. Jalen Suggs                                       6’3        PG              Minneapolis (Minnehaha Academy) MN
  9. Isaiah Todd                                       6’9        PF              Richmond (John Marshall) VA
  10. N’Faly Dante                                     6’10      C                 Bel Air (Sunrise Christian) KS
  11. Cade Cunningham                            6’5        SG              Arlington (Bowie) TX
  12. Josh Christopher                              6’4        CG              Lakewood (Mayfair) CA
  13. Kyree Walker                                     6’5        WF              Phoenix (Hillcrest Prep) AZ – Arizona State
  14. Jeremy Roach                                    6’3        PG              Fairfax (Paul VI) VA
  15. Jaden Springer                                  6’3        SG              Charlotte (Rocky River) NC
  16. Isaiah Jackson                                   6’8        CF              Detroit (Old Redford) MI
  17. B.J. Boston                                         6’5        SG              Norcross (H.S.) GA
  18. Jaemyn Brakefield                            6’10      C                 Huntington (Prep) WV
  19. Hunter Dickinson                              7’0        C                Hyattsville (DeMatha) MD
  20. Moses Moody                                    6’6        WF              Little Rock (North) AR
  21. Xavier Foster                                     6’11        C                 Oskaloosa (H.S.) IA
  22. Sharife Cooper                                   6’0        PG              Powder Springs (McEachern) GA
  23. Jabari Abdur-Rahim                         6’7        WF              Blairstown (Blair Academy) NJ
  24. Julian Strawther                                6’7        WF              Henderson (Liberty) NV
  25. Jonathan Juzang                               6’6        WF              North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA
  26. Adam Miller                                        6’4        CG              Chicago (Morgan Park) IL
  27. Walker Kessler                                   6’9        PF               Atlanta (Landmark Christian) GA
  28. Noah Farrakhan                                 6’1        PG              Bradenton (IMG Academy) FL
  29. MarJon Beauchamp                          6’5        SG              Seattle (Garfield) WA
  30. Cameron Thomas                              6’2        PG              Chesapeake (Oscar Smith) VA
  31. Earl Timberlake                                 6’6        WF              Hyattsville (DeMatha) MD
  32. Dawson Garcia                                   6’9        PF                Prior Lake (H.S.) MN
  33. Cam’Ron Fletcher                              6’6        WF              St. Louis (Vashon) MO
  34. Isaiah Cottrell                                     6’10      PF              Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
  35. Terren Frank                                       6’7        CF              Chatsworth (Sierra Canyon) CA
  36. Corey Walker                                       6’6        WF              St. John’s (Creekside) FL
  37. Nimari Burnett                                    6’3        SG              Napa (Prolific Prep) CA
  38. Andre Jackson                                     6’5        WF              Albany (Academy) NY
  39. Caleb Love                                            6’3        PG              St. Louis (Christian Brothers) MO
  40. Caleb Lohner                                        6’7        WF              Flower Mound (H.S.) TX
  41. Zaire Williams                                      6’7        WF              Sherman Oaks (Notre Dame) CA
  42. Micah Peavy                                          6’4        WF              Houston (Andy Dekaney) TX
  43. Day’Ron Sharpe                                   6’8         PF                Winterville (South Central) NC
  44. Justice Ajogbor                                    6’10       C                   Arden (Christ School) NC
  45. Bryce Thompson                                  6’2        SG                Tulsa (BT Washington) OK
  46. Ethan Morton                                       6’4        CG              Butler (Area) PA
  47. Lance Ware                                           6’9        PF               Burlington (Life Center) NJ
  48. Mark Williams                                     6’10       C                 Norfolk (Academy) VA
  49. Naseem Khalid                                     6’1        PG               Jacksonville (First Coast) FL – Florida State
  50. Henry Coleman                                    6’8        PF               Richmond (Trinity Episcopal) VA
  51. Cliff Omoruyi                                        6’10      C                 Montclair (Immaculate Conception) NJ
  52. Maddy Sissoko                                      6’8        PF               Mt. Pleasant (Wasatch Academy) UT
  53. Posh Alexander                                     6’0        PG              Brookville (Our Savior Lutheran) NY
  54. Gerald Doakes                                       6’2        PG              Jacksonville (Lighthouse) AR
  55. Nate Tabor                                             6’5        WF              Woodbury (Sacred Heart) CT
  56. Dalen Terry                                            6’6        WF              Phoenix (Hillcrest Prep) AZ
  57. Noah Taitz                                              6’3        SG              Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
  58. Jamal Mashburn Jr                              6’2        PG              Miami (Gulliver Prep) FL
  59. Keon Johnson                                        6’4        SG              Bell Buckle (Webb School) TN
  60. Elijah Hutchins-Everett                       6’10      C                 Wayne (Immaculate Conception) NJ
  61. Noah Collier                                            6’7        WF              Norristown (Westtown) PA
  62. Ben Carlson                                             6’9        PF              Woodbury (East Ridge) MN
  63. Domingus Stevens                                 6’4        SG              Washington (Wilson) DC
  64. L.J. Cryer                                                 6’3        PG              Katy (Morton Ranch) TX
  65. Cassius McNeilly                                    6’4        SG              Toronto (Thornlea) ON
  66. Symir Torrence                                       6’3        SG              Saxton River (Vermont Academy) VT
  67. Woody Newton                                       6’6        WF              Baltimore (Mount Zion) MD
  68. Antwan Burnett                                      6’4        SG              Montgomery (Lanier) AL
  69. Jalen Cone                                               5’11       PG              Walkertown (H.S.) NC
  70. Richard Amaefule                                   6’8        PF              Dallas (Wilson) TX
  71. Nick Ongendu                                          6’10      C                Little Rock (SW Christian) AR
  72. Darius Maddox                                        6’5        SG              Washington (St. John’s) DC
  73. Dwon Odom                                             6’3        CG              Alpharetta (St. Francis) GA
  74. Jason Harris                                             6’7        CF              Mesa (Desert Ridge) AZ
  75. Emmanuel Jones                                    6’10       C                The Woodlands (Christian) TX
  76. Che Evans                                                 6’6        WF              Baltimore (Dulaney) MD
  77. Tyler Beard                                               6’3        SG              Chicago (Whitney Young) IL
  78. Jamari Sibley                                            6’9        C                Milwaukee (Rufus King) WI
  79. Jaylen Clark                                              6’5        WF              Corona (Centennial) CA
  80. Jalen Terry                                                5’11       PG              Flint (Beecher) MI
  81. Taelon Martin                                           6’3        PG              Oakdale (St. Thomas More) CT
  82. Lynn Grier                                                 6’0        PG              Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA
  83. Jyare Davis                                                6’5        WF              Hockessin (Sanford) DE
  84. D.J. Steward                                              6’1        CG               Chicago (Fenwick) IL
  85. Zachary Loveday                                      6’11       C                 Gallipolis (Galina Academy) OH
  86. Dominick Harris                                      6’2        PG              Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA
  87. Roman Wilson                                          6’10      C                  Kansas City (Park Hill) MO
  88. Dayten Holman                                         6’5        SG              Norman (H.S.) OK
  89. Jamaine Mann                                           6’6        WF             Eagles Landing (Christian) GA
  90. Trey Galloway                                            6’3        SG              Culver (Academy) IN
  91. Dain Dainja                                                6’8        PF              Brooklyn Park (Park Center) MN
  92. Keon Ambrose-Hylton                             6’6        WF              Chattanooga (Hamilton Heights) TN
  93. Daishen Nix                                                6’3        PG              Las Vegas (Trinity International) NV
  94. Zeb Jackson                                                6’3        PG              Toledo (Maumee Valley) OH
  95. Austin Harvell                                            6’6        WF              Athens (Clements) AL
  96. Terrence Williams                                     6’5        WF              Washington (Gonzaga) DC
  97. Richard Springs                                         6’9        C/PF              Springfield (MacDuffie School) MA
  98. Dudley Blackwell                                       6’6        WF              Miramar (Westminster Academy) FL
  99. A.J. Hoggard                                               6’4        SG              Huntington (Prep)WV
  100. Shon Robinson                                           6’8        PF               Gilbert (Higley) AZ
  101. Keeshawn Barthelemy                              6’2        PG              Toronto (Athlete’s Institute) ON


Potential Breakthrough’s Next 50+ Players: (Listed by Height

Mabor Majak                                               7’1        C              Fishers (Hamilton Southeastern) IN

Zachary Edey                                              7’0        C              Toronto (Leaside) ON

Davion Bradford                                         6’10      C              Ponca City (H.S.) OK

Adam Cisse                                                  6’9        PF              Bronx (Cardinal Hayes) NY

Jaylon Martinez                                           6’9        PF              Springfield (MacDuffie) MA

Kareem Reid                                                6’8        PF              Putnam (Science) CT

Justin Lewis                                                 6’8        PF              Baltimore (Poly) MD

Coleman Hawkins                                       6’8        PF              Antelope (H.S.) CA

Dishon Jackson                                           6’8        PF              Vallejo (St. Patrick-St. Vincent) CA

Josh Hemmings                                           6’8        WF              Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA

Zed Key                                                       6’7        PF              Brentwood (Lutheran) NY

Silas Mason                                                 6’7        WF              Greensboro (Ben Smith) NC

Mike Miles                                                   6’6        WF              Lancaster (H.S.) TX

Myles Stute                                                  6’6        WF              Washington (Gonzaga) DC

Ja’Queze Kirby                                           6’6        WF              Hazelhurst (Jeff Davis) GA

Jamal King                                                   6’6        WF              Cottondale (Paul Bryant) AL

Darius Miles                                                6’6        WF              Washington (Roosevelt) DC

Justin Champagne                                       6’6        WF              Brooklyn (Bishop Laughlin) NY

Carlos Johnson                                            6’5        WF              Benton Harbor (H.S.) MI

Keondre Montgomery                                6’5        WF              Jackson (Forest Hill) MS

Tony Sanders                                               6’5        WF              Miami (Gulliver Prep) FL

Malachi Wideman                                       6’5        WF              Sarasota (Riverside) FL

Brandon Harris                                            6’5        WF              Savannah (Beach) GA

Alex Antetokounmpo                                 6’5        SG              Milwaukee (Dominican) WI

Elijah Wood                                                 6’5        SG              Potomac (St. Andrew’s) MD

Jaden Jones                                                  6’5        SG              Montbello (Cantwell Sacred Heart) CT

Victor Rosa                                                  6’5        SG              Kissimmee (Point Christ) FL

Jaren Johnson                                              6’4        SG              Lynwood (H.S.) CA

Bryce Hopkins                                             6’4        SG              Rockford (East) IL

Justin Powell                                               6’4        SG              Louisville (Trinity) KY

Jaden Walker                                               6’4        SG              Lawrenceville (Discovery) GA

Anthony Leal                                               6’4        SG              Bloomington (South) IN

Joshua Reaves                                             6’4        SG              Fairfield (Notre Dame) CT

Keith Dinwiddie                                          6’3        SG              Los Angeles (Fairfax) CA

Tramon Mark                                              6’3        SG              Dickinson (H.S.) TX

Josiah Freeman                                            6’3        SG              Fairfax (Paul VI) VA

Matthew Murrell                                         6’3        SG              Memphis (Whitehaven) TN

Jahari Long                                                  6’3        SG              Houston (Episcopal) TX

Khalen Robinson                                         6’3        CG              Little Rock Episcopal Collegiate) AR

Desmond Polk                                             6’3        CG              Milwaukee (Nicolet) WI

Isaiah Warfield                                            6’3        CG              Sewickley (Area) PA

Rondell Walker                                           6’2        SG              Oklahoma City (Putnam City West) OK

Ragon Figures                                             6’2        SG              Montclair (Immaculate Conception) NJ

Hassan Diarra                                              6’2        PG              Putnam (Science) CT

K.D. Johnson                                               6’2        PG              Atlanta (SW DeKalb) GA

Lamont Butler                                             6’1        CG              Riverside (Poly) CA

John Slajchert                                              6’1        PG              Oak Park (H.S.) CA

Reece Beekman                                           6’1        PG              Baton Rouge (Scotlandville) LA

Michael Sanders Jr.                                     6’1        PG              Indianapolis (Lawrence North) IN

Chanse Robinson                                        6’1        PG              Ruston (Lincoln Prep) LA

Ace Baldwin                                                6’1        PG              Baltimore (St. Frances) MD

Chuck Harris                                               6’0        PG              Washington (Gonzaga) DC

Andre Curbelo                                             6’0        PG              Glen Head (Lutheran) NY

Ahron Ulis                                                   6’0        PG              Matteson (Marion Catholic) IL

R.J. Davis                                                     5-11      PG              White Plains (Archbishop Stepinac) NY


Best of the Rest – Players to Watch: (Listed by Height)

Players                                                         Hgt       Pos              Hometown High School State – College

Robert Bobroczky                                       7’7        C              Geneva (Spire Academy) OH

Jordan Whitmore                                         7’3        C              Baltimore (Mount Zion) MD

Hugo Clarkin                                               7’0        C              Santa Margarita (Tesoro) CA

Emanuel Okpomo                                       6’11      C              Huntington (Prep) WV

Darrius Miles                                               6’11      C              Dallas (Bishop Lynch) TX

Scott Vollmer                                              6’10      C              New Canaan (St. Luke’s School) CT

Isah Mohammed                                         6’10      C              Newark (St. Benedict) NJ

Jonathan Aku                                               6’10      C              Andover (Proctor Academy) MA

Ebenezer Dowuona                                     6’10      C              Newnan (Heritage School) GA

Jeffery Woodard                                         6’10      C              Philadelphia (Roman Catholic) PA

Isan Muhammad                                         6’10      C              New York (TBD) NY

Boubacar Coulibaly                                    6’10      C              San Gabriel (Academy) CA

Even Brauns                                                6’9        C              Iowa City (Regina) IA

Maximillian Amadason                              6’9        C              Brookville (Our Savior Lutheran) NY

Alasanne Sene                                             6’9        C              Arcadia (San Gabriel) CA

Allen Udenadu                                            6’9        C              Houston (Christian Life) TX

Ben Todd                                                     6’9        C              West Hills (Chaminade) CA

Fallou Niang                                                6’9        C              Chandler (Tri-City Christian) AZ

Will Berg                                                     6’9        C              West Des Moines (Valley) IA

Eduardo Andre                                            6’9        C              Dallas (Woodrow Wilson) TX

Trey Hall                                                      6’9        C              Manchester (East Catholic) CT

James Kamich                                             6’9        C              Troy (Redemption Christian) NY

Kylon Owens                                               6’9        C              Dallas (South Oak Cliff) TX

Hason Ward                                                 6’9        C              Springfield (Central) MA

Martice Mitchell                                          6’9        C              Chicago Heights (Bloom Township) IL

John Hugley                                                6’9        C              Cleveland (Brush) OH

Max Moellman                                            6’9        C              Upper Arlington (H.S.) OH

Cameron Stitt                                               6’9        PF              Charlotte (United Faith) NC

Elijah Taylor                                                6’9        PF              Philadelphia (Imhotep Charter) PA

Colin Crothers                                             6’8        PF              Lisle (Benet Academy) IL

Luka Eller                                                    6’8        PF              Mentor (Lake Catholic) OH

Nate Snatos                                                  6’8        PF              Geneva (H.S.) IL

Muhammed Njie                                         6’8        PF              Centerville (H.S.) OH

Seryee Lewis                                               6’8        PF              Chicago (Kenwood) IL

Raymond Terry                                           6’8        PF              Gary (Ira Bowman Academy) IN

Amar Brown                                                6’8        PF              Laverne (Damien) CA

Akol Mawein                                               6’8        PF              Little Rock (SW Christian) AR

Kendall Munson                                          6’8        PF              San Diego (Cathedral) CA

Malachi Ndur                                              6’8        PF              St. Thomas (Regina Mundi) ON

Rongie Gordon                                            6’8        PF              Montgomery (Lanier)

Dyondre Dominguez                                  6’8        PF              New Hampton (School) NH

Josh Taylor                                                  6’8        PF              Decatur (Columbia) GA

Bayron Matos-Garcia                                 6’8        PF              Chattanooga (Hamilton Heights) TN

Gervon Dexter                                             6’8        PF              Lake Wales (H.S.) FL

Jake Tavroff                                                6’8        PF              Oceanside (H.S.) NY

Mikael Brown-Jones                                   6’8        PF              Philadelphia (Roman Catholic) PA

Jaylon Lee                                                    6’8        PF              Las Vegas (Legacy) NV

Akeem Odusipe                                           6’8        PF              Knoxville (Kings Academy) TN

Donald Ghostone                                        6’7        PF              Grand Prairie (H.S.) TX

Caden Boser                                                6’7        PF              Eau Claire (Memorial) WI

Jaquon Scott                                                6’7        PF              Mansfield (Timberview) TX

Darius Hannah                                            6’7        PF              Milwaukee (Academy of Science) WI

Ishmael Plet                                                 6’7        CF              Lynchburg (Virginia Episcopal) VA

Michael Peake                                             6’7        CF              Kansas City (Northeast) MO

Obinna Anyanwu                                        6’7        WF              San Diego (Cathedral) CA

Judah Brown                                                6’7        WF              Murrieta (Pacifica Christian) CA

John Shanklin                                              6’7        WF              Bellevue (West) NE

Nate Santos                                                  6’6        CF              Geneva (Community) WI

DeMarcus Splunge                                     6’6        CF              Chicago (Orr) IL

Andrew Laczkowski                                   6’6’       CF              Dallas (St. Mark’s) TX

Evan Williams                                             6’6        CF              Plano (East) TX

Jerry Iliya                                                     6’6        WF              Troy (Redemption Christian) NY

Leonard Manual                                          6’6        WF              Ocala (Vanguard) FL

Taj Thweat                                                   6’6        WF              Wildwood (Catholic) NJ

Silas Mason                                                 6’6        WF              Greensboro (Ben Smith) PA

Johnny Davis                                               6’6        WF              Lacrosse (Central) WI

Elijah Bishop                                               6’6        WF              St. Louis (Seldan) MO

Kobe Clark                                                  6’6        WF              St. Louis (Vashon) MO

Chris Moore                                                6’6        WF              West Memphis (H.S.) AR

Chibuzo Agbo                                             6’6        WF              San Diego (St. Augustine) CA

Addison Patterson                                       6’6        WF              Milton (Bishop Reding) ON

Anthony Thomas                                         6’6        WF              Woodstock (Massanutten Academy) VA

Josh Taylor                                                  6’6        WF              Atlanta (Holy Spirit) GA

Jordan Henderson                                       6’6        WF              Katy (Thompkins) TX

Anthony Thomas                                         6’6        SG              Baltimore (St. Patrick’s) MD

Matthew Alexander-Montcrief                  6’6        SG              Orangeville (Prep) ON

Gary Grant                                                   6’5        WF              Bronx (St. Raymond’s) NY

Rodney Mason                                            6’5        WF              Bartlett (H.S.) TN

Jay Wilson                                                   6’5        WF              Denton (Ryan) TX

Tyrelle Hunt                                                6’5        WF              Chicago (Curie) IL

Isaac Lindsey                                               6’5        WF              Mineral Point (H.S.) WI

Hayden Brittingham                                   6’5        WF              Fort Worth (Crowley) TX

Tre Coleman                                                6’5        WF              Jeffersonville (H.S.) IN

Brase Dottin                                                 6’5        WF              North Hollywood (Harvard-Westlake) CA

Amani Glosson                                            6’5        WF              Milwaukee (Academy of Science) WI

Jonathan Jackson                                        6’5        WF              Shawnee (Maranatha Christian) KS

Chris Grubbs                                               6’5        SG              Fishers (Southeast Hamilton) IN

Brandon Weston                                          6’4        WF              Lake Forest (Academy) IL

Jamal West                                                   6’4        WF              Baltimore (Dunbar) MD

Malik Carson                                               6’4        WF              Hyattsville (DeMatha) MD

Elijah Randall                                              6’4        WF              San Marcos (H.S.) CA

Ibrahim Wattara                                          6’4        WF              Bronx (Mt. St. Michael) NY

Nate Dominick                                            6’4        WF              Plano (Senior) TX

Roger McFarlane                                        6’4        WF              Memphis (Raleigh Egypt) TN

Katrell Ramey                                             6’4        SG              Olathe (East) KS

Shemar Morrow                                          6’4        SG              La Mirada (H.S.) CA

Jaret Griffith                                                6’4        SG              Bethel (Gould Academy) ME

Marcus Bagley                                            6’4        SG              Chatsworth (Sierra Canyon) CA

Tristan Marshall                                          6’4        SG              Huntersville (North Mecklenburg

E.J. Evans                                                    6’4        SG              Trenton (Catholic) NJ

Caleb London                                              6’4        SG              Conway (H.S.) AR

K.J. Pruitt                                                     6’3        SG              Coppell (Universal Academy) TX

Marcus Fitzgerald                                       6’3        SG              Nashville (Brentwood Academy) TN

Jarren Cook                                                 6’3        SG              Carrollton (Newman Smith) TX

Chance Mott                                                6’3        SG              Mansfield (Ontario) OH

Xavier Bell                                                   6’3        SG              Andover (Central) KS

Donovan Yap                                              6’3        SG              Las Vegas (Arbor View) NV

Tyree Campbell                                           6’3        SG              Etiwanda (H.S.) CA

Jake Tawhiao                                               6’3        SG              Chula Vista (Mater Dei) CA

Micah Garrett                                              6’3        SG              Portland (West Linn) OR

P.J. Edwards                                                6’3        SG              Springfield (Lanphier) IL

Davonte Davis                                             6’3        SG              Jacksonville (Lighthouse) AR

Jordan Toles                                                6’3        CG              Baltimore (St. Frances) MD

Quran McPherson                                       6’3        CG              Elizabeth (Patrick School) NJ

Jordan Rawls                                               6’3        CG              Chattanooga (Hamilton Heights) TN

Lorne Bowman                                            6’2        CG              Orchard Lake (St. Mary’s) MI

Tony Perkins                                               6’2        CG              Indianapolis (Lawrence North) IN

Yusef Holmes                                              6’2        CG              Las Vegas (Arbor View) NV

Jaylin Posey                                                 6’2        CG              Grand Prairie (H.S.) TX

Eric Butler                                                   6’2        CG              Smith’s Station (H.S.) AL

Isaiah LeBlanc                                             6’2        CG              Houston (Kinkaid) TX

Jordan Montgomery                                   6’2        CG              Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA

Joe Bamisile                                                6’2        PG              Richmond (St. Christopher) VA

Ahmad Faiz                                                 6’1        CG              Philadelphia (Neumann-Goretti) PA

Teddy Marshall                                           6’1        CG              Martinsburg (H.S.) WV

Robbie Beasley                                            6’1        CG              Dublin (H.S.) CA

Samuel Herenton                                         6’1        CG              Chicago (Providence St. Mel)

Ty Foster                                                      6’1        CG              Denver (Lincoln) CO

Keshawn Williams                                      6’1        CG              Chicago Heights (Bloom Township) IL

Marvin Hughes                                            6’1        PG              Nashville (McGavock) TN

Carson McCorkle                                        6’1        PG              Raleigh (Broughton) NC

Marcus Dockery                                          6’0        PG              Washington (Roosevelt) DC

La’Vell Scott                                               6’0        PG              Ponchatoula (One Forest) LA

Jordan Tillmon                                            6’0        PG              Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel) AR

Dominiq Penn                                             6’0        PG              Dublin (Coffman) OH

Trevon Martin                                             6’0        PG              Las Vegas (Silverado) NV

Eliott Sieger                                                 6’0        PG              Chicago (Whitney Young) IL

Jalen Cook                                                   6’0        PG              New Orleans (Walker) LA

Hassan Perkins                                            5’11      PG              Hockessin (Sanford) DE

Joel Watts                                                    5’9        PG              Chicago (St. Rita) IL

Hakeem Boyd                                              5’8        PG              Philadelphia (Neumann-Goretti) PA


That’s our first look at ranking the Class of 2020, we will update the class again after the Summer and Fall Evaluation Periods, so if you think we missed a deserving player…just email me at and I will add them to me fall evaluation list!