The 2015 Pangos Junior All-American Camp featured a look into the future, on the west coast, as well as around the nation. Once again Camp Director Dinos Trigonis put together a deep group of talented young players, especially in the classes of 2019 (8th grade) and 2020 (7th grade), that put their game on display over the weekend at the AIM Sportsplex in Seal Beach, CA.

There was solid size, and an ample amount of ball handling guards to go with the normal depth we see at high quality individual camps, like the Pangos All-American Camp, that gives us a good look into the future of the game on the west coast. But, it wasn’t just all about So Cal, as a dozen states were represented on the various all-star teams, including players from as far away as New York and Florida.

The top player we observed was multi-skilled 6-8 big man, Elias Bell from Lancaster, CA. He dominated the two games we watched him in, and displayed a superior skill set, and the desire to play both ends of the court. Others who pushed him for the top spot included 6-7 Isaiah Mobley, 6-6 Walter Talley, 6-4 Kyree Walker, 6-3 Jaime Jaquez, and 2021 (6th grader) 5-9 Paris Dawson who were all a level above the players they competed against on Saturday.

But, the event was over the weekend, so they were joined by a number of the events top talent to  form the roster for the “Best of the Best” game. Here is a look at the top talent from that game, along with a class by class look at the best of the rest at the 2015 Pangos Junior All-American Camp:

Best of the Best Game

Elias Bell  6’8” 2019 Lancaster CA – Top talent I watched in camp he has excellent hands, good bounce and a solid skill set for power forward spot heading into high school. Showed drop step and ability to finish with dunk or kiss. He blocked shots and ran floor like a wing. One who should be on high major radar!

Isaiah Mobley  6’7” 2019 Murrietta CA – Athletic young big man who can block shots with best for his age. He has major bounce and quick feet around hoop, that he used to dominate paint at times on both ends. He needs to work on extending game, and become more of an offensive threat, but oozes potential for future.

Walter Talley  6’6” 2019 Baldwin NY – Long and athletic big man who can catch and finish in traffic. He gets to line off face-up and can make free throws. He uses block out on boards and is a good outlet and fill a lane big with huge potential.

Travon Lathon  6’6” 2019 Moreno Valley CA – Good athlete who can finish strong around the hoop. He needs to stay aggressive. He is really raw on the offensive end, but has a huge upside for the future.

Legend Stamps  6’5” 2019 Rancho Cucamonga CA – Mobile insider who can can catch and finish around the hoop out to 15-feet. He’s raw, but has the ability that points to a bright future.

Paul Bingaman   6’5”  2019  Los Angeles CA – Active combo forward who can get on boards, outlet and fill a lane. He finishes drive and has bounce to finish at the rim. he showed good mid-range game and tools to move to wing in the future.

Elijah Scranton  6’4” 2019 Lancaster CA – Athletic combo forward who showed good range facing and ability to post and finish off the break o face and go. He needs to work on becoming two handed threat on drive and be more aggressive on glass.

Kyree Walker  6’4” 2020 Hayward CA – Wing man with ability to great drive, then finish with bounce at the rim or kick it to open man off the spin move. He is unselfish, but is capable of taking over on offensive end when team needed it. He has range to 17-feet with consistency.

Phillip (PJ) Fuller 6’4” 2019 Seattle WA – This bouncy athlete had a nose for the ball off the glass, and a knack to swat shots from weakside help. He can post and finish, but was at his best in transition with finish.

Josh Green  6’3” 2019 Glendale (AZ) – He was active on the glass, ran floor hard and was tough to stop on the blocks once he got the rock. He needs to extend game, but has plenty of time to grow into wing.

Jaime Jaquez  6’3” 2019 Camarillo (CA) – Athletic wing can grab board and take it end to end, then finish with either hand versus contact. He is good passer off the dribble and has bounce to finish at rim. He hit 15-footer while we watched, but needs to add range to complete high level package potential we saw this weekend.

Makani Whiteside  6’2”  2019  Whittier CA – Skilled scorer who can attack off the dribble or knock down jumper from three or off the pull-up. He needs to look to spread the wealth a little. He tends to force it, but maturity will fix that, as tools are there.

Cameron Cohen  6’2” 2019 Baines MS (Missouri City TX) – Wing man who has range to three, he uses it to set up drive and kiss at the rim. He has handle to create drive going either way.

L Simpson  6’2” 2019 Cathedral Chapel (Los Angeles CA) – Athletic wing with good bounce off the drive, ability to finish in traffic that can knock down open jumper on the elbow

Ryan Langborg  6’2” 2019 San Diego CA – Solid wing with range to arc and handle to create shot or drive going left or right. He is a good passer to that got ball to the post.

Darius Mason-Robinson  6’2”  2019  Rancho Cucamonga CA – Long armed, but athletic wing man who can finish over bigs in the lane or grab board and start the break. He needs to add consistency on the perimeter

Marcus Tillman Jr. 6’2” 2019  Sunridge MS (Orlando FL) – Athletic wing with good bounce off the drive, ability to finish in traffic that can score with bounce at rim. He tends to get a little out of control, but oozes potential.

Noah Fernando  6’1” 2019 Porter Ranch (CA) – Wing with solid skill set and quicks to take you off the dribble to the rack or stop and pop mid-range jumper. He can finish drive with either hand.

Josh Christopher 6’0” 2020 Carson CA – Quick combo guard who can get to hoop off the dribble and fin ish in traffic that has range to 17-feet on jumper with consistency. He has quick hands on “D” and potential to be lock down defender.

Josh Vazquez   6’0”  2019  Los Angeles CA – Another combo with excellent handles to create drive or shot. he is a good passer in transition or on drive and he keeps “D” honest with pull-up jumper.

Jay Taylor  5’10” 2020 Sacramento CA – Ballhandling guard with ability to drive and finish with Kiss or ploater. he has good range on jumper and can get after you on defensive end too!

Jonathan Daniels 5’9” 2019 Lancaster CA – Pass first guard can deliver the rock in transition or off of penetration. He has range to arc, but is at his best pulling up from 12-15 feet.

Paris Dawson  5’9” 2021 Carson CA – This physical young guard has point guard skills, is quick with the ball off the dribble, and is willing to make pass to open man, as well as score from rim to the arc.

Gavin Thompson  5’8” 2019 Kings Academy (TN) – Solid lead guard who can create with either hand, hit 17 footer off the dribble and finished in paint with floater.

Kadar Waller  5’7” 2019 Gilbert AZ – Quick ballhandler who can push it end to end, score with drive or stop and pop from 15-feet. he has quick hands and feet on “D” and created problems for guards who want to overhandle rock.

John Causell  5’6” 2019 Los Angeles (CA) – Solid ball handler and passer who sees court and gets ball to open man in transition. He has solid jumper from 17-feet on in.

Here is a look at the Participants in the Class by Class Cream of the Crop Games

Cream of the Crop 8th Grade Game

Spencer Hubbard  5’3” 2019 Harvard-Westlake (CA)
Milton Burnett  5’8” 2019 Rio Vista MS (Fresno CA)
Bryce Cooper  6’1” 2019 West Valley Christian (West Hills CA)
Daniel Chandler  5’8” 2019 Oakdale Christian Academy (Chicago IL)
Isaiah Hill  5’7” 2019 Norris (Bakersfield CA)
Djaun Chumack  6’0” 2019 Los Angeles CA
Lawson Roe  5’11” 2019 Evergreen (Murray UT)
George Polychronopoulos 5’10” 2020 Redwood MS (Saratoga CA)
Vean Simon IV  6’1” 2019 Gilbert Christian (AZ)
Grant Ward  6’3” 2019 Smith MS (Ft. Huachuca AZ)
Max Cheylov  6’0” 2019 Agoura Hills (CA)
Logan Stout  6’1” 2019 Valley Oaks (Bakersfield CA)
Bryce Johnson  6’3” 2019 McAuliffe MS (Stockton CA)
Leo Williams  6’0” 2019 Van Nuys (CA)
Nick Kerkorian  5’9” 2019 Palo Alto CA
JuJu Molina  5’9” 2019 Phoenix AZ
Blaise Threatt  5’9” 2019 Mountain Trail MS (Scottsdale AZ)
Jackson Tillapaugh 6’5” 2019 Granite Mountain MS (Prescot t AZ)
Braelee Albert  6’2” 2019 Brentwood (Los Angeles CA)
Elijah Christian 6’0” 2019 St. Mark (Los Angeles CA)
Quinn Slazinski  6’3” 2019 Ft. Settlement (Sugarland TX)
Jalen Monson  6’0” 2019 Long Beach (CA)
Austin Boggs  6’4” 2019 Imagine (Avondale AZ)

Cream of the Crop 7th Grade Game

Noah Veluzat  5’5” 2020 Rio Norte JHS (Valencia CA)
Keith Dinwiddie  5’8” 2020 Los Angeles CA
Xavier DuSell  6’2” 2020 Scottsdale AZ
Devin Askew  5’8” 2020 Sacramento CA
DJ Davis  5’6” 2020 Riverside CA
Jose Gonzalez  5’10” 2020 Monte Vista MS (Camarillo CA)
Cameron Shields  5’7” 2020 Stoneridge Prep (CA)
Noah Laurie  5’7” 2020 Inglewood CA (CA)
Jamir Thomas  5’6” 2020 Oakland CA
Jalen Scott  5’8” 2020 Sacramento CA
Devon Sapp  6’2” 2020 San Jose CA
Iniko McNeal  5’11” 2020 Oakland CA
Julian Heller  6’0” 2020 Westlake Village (CA)
Fred Burton  6’2” 2020 Sacramento CA
Thomas Notarainni 6’1” 2020 San Diego CA
Austin Ronzone  5’7” 2020 Phoenix AZ
Cade Ronzone  5’9” 2020 Phoenix AZ
Caleb Koski  5’10” 2020 Legacy JHS (Syracuse UT)
Jack Rottler  6’3” 2020 Newport Beach CA
Nicolas Swanson  6’5” 2020 Our Lady of Lourdes (Northridge CA)
Tommy Anderson  5’9” 2020 Las Vegas NV
Evan Mobley  6’1” 2020 Murrieta CA
Max McCalla  5’4” 2020 Manhattan Beach MS (CA)
Obinna Anyanwu  6’4” 2020 San Diego CA

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