The 2014 version of the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp featured a talented group of future nationally ranked guards and forwards along with two of the best big men we’ve seen this fall as we made our tour of young talent across the country. As usual Camp Director Dinos Trigonis did an excellent job of gathering some of the top young talent on the East Coast to the River Winds Center in West Deptford, NJ.

The two bigs who impressed us with there ability to control the paint where 6-10 post men, Simon Ejike Obinna and Zach Kent. Obinna a long and athletic shot blocker was a force in close, while the multi-skilled Zach Kent showed an advanced inside-out game that impressed all in attendance. On the wing 6-8 Timmel “Melo” Eggleston and his high school teammate 6-8 Andre Rafus from Baltimore St. Francis were impressive along with 6-7 Nick Alikakos, and 6-5 Cameron Reddish who can put up numbers in a hurry from the arc to the hoop. In the backcourt 6-3 scoring guards Atiba Taylor and Michael Okauru caught our eye, while points Isaiah Washington, Quade Green, and Tremont Waters showed why they are already on the high major radar.

With that in mind here’s our look at the top prospects this past weekend at the 2014 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp:

Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Top Prospects

Simon Ejike Obinna               6’10”   2017    VirginiaAcademy (VA) – This long and active shot blocker just seemed to get better and better as the weekend progressed. He has long arms, can rebound out of his zone and showed a nice touch with jump hook and kiss off the glass o the blocks. He can really run the court and is going to be one that high majors will be all over by spring!

Zach Kent                                   6’10”   2017    St. Andrews (MiddletownDE) – This skilled high post talent has a soft touch on fifteen footer and uses his feet to create space around the hoop. He reminds me of Ryan Kelly (Duke/NBA) at same stage. He is an excellent passer who keeps defense off balance. He needs to add strength, but high majors better get involved now and not wait until its too late!

Timmel Melo Eggleston        6’8”     2017    St. Francis (Baltimore MD) – This long, but skilled wing talent can flat out score off the dribble or with jumper to arc or pull-up from 15-feet. He needs to add strength and learn to like contact to reach his full potential! He has high majors all over his versatile game.

Andre Rafus                            6’8”     2017    St. Francis (Baltimore MD) – This athletic combo forward can flat out attack the hoop off the dribble and finish at rim with highlights! He hit shot to three, but was a little inconsistent from beyond the arc. He is a solid board man who has a nose for ball off the glass.

Nick Alikakos                         6’7”     2017    Episcopal Academy (Newtown Square PA) – This lanky, but skilled blue collar wing man, can knock it down from three, has a nose for grabbing board and starting break off the glass. He has a blue collar approach to his game, but is a much better athlete than opponents thought. He knows how to play ad uses his Basketball I.Q. to out quick opponents around the hoop. He should see lots of high major interest based on his quality play at the Pangos.

Cameron Reddish                 6’5”     2018    HaverfordSchool (Haverford PA) – This hard working athlete just flat out played opponents on the glass and on defensive end! He has range to three, even though he needs to work on release, it goes in. He can create drive with either hand and explodes to rim with best at Pangos this past weekend!

D’Marko Baucum                  6’5”     2018    Bishop O’Connell (ArlingtonVA) – This strong and aggressive wing man grew on us over the weekend. He had good hands, catches on break and finishes with slam or kiss. He wants ball on blocks, and showed he can make an impact with his ability to pass it on break or face-up

Tony Goodwin                        6’5”     2018    Rock Ridge (AshburnVA) – He may have been the hardest working player in camp!  He was tenacious on defensive end, using his quick feet and long arms to pick opponents then take it to rack and finish with either hand. He hit 15-footer with regularity, but struggled from three, so he will solidify High Major spot with work on consistency on his jumper.

Eddie Scott                             6’5”     2017    Gonzaga (WashingtonDC) – This athletic wing man has good bounce, range to three and can stick the jumper off the dribble from 15-feet. He doesn’t back down from contact, and he finished versus contact in the paint when we watched. He has an extra gear when he decides to attack off the dribble

Montez Mathis                      6’4”     2018    Mount Carmel (Baltimore MD) – This explosive power wing surprised us with his ability to blow by opponents off the dribble, then finish with pull-up from fifteen or attack the rim score with content. He has range to three too! He is a strong rebounder from wing and gets after it on “D”. He is a winner who just makes plays!

Eric Ayala                               6’4”     2017    Sanford (Wilmington DE) – This athletic wing really made an impact on us on day two at the Pangos with his range to three, ability to finish drive in the lane with floater or dunk, and made some highlights in transition.

Keith Williams                     6’4”     2017    Bishop Loughlin (BrooklynNY) – ‘Long and wiry wing man can finish in traffic over bigs. He hit jumper from three off the dribble and knocked down pull-up in the lane. He can get on glass and start the break and is a solid defender.

Koby Thomas                        6’4”     2017    Mastery Charter (PhiladelphiaPA) – This explosive athlete impressed us with his ability to score off the dribble in half court. He showed range to three, and uses his length to finish over bigs in the lane. He use his length to defend both the two and three spots when we watched.

Deondre Bourne                  6’4”     2017    Leman Prep (New YorkNY) – This solid wing rebounder exploded on day two to make the top thirty game. He scored off the offensive boards, popped 17-footer and dunked drive with authority when we watched. He Smith Barnied his way into Top thirty!

Atiba Taylor                           6’3”     2018    Hackensack (NJ) – This big combo guard can knock down three to set up dribble drive and kick or finish at rim with either hand. H is a solid passer who can push it in transition and put pressure on defense with his aggressive style. He can defend either guard spot and is a god rebounder from guard spot too! He will see lots of mid and high majors in the gym in the future.

Kiyan Johnson                      6’3”     2018    Paul VI (Haddonfield NJ) – Athletic young wing man lit it up on Sunday morning hitting three and making plays in opener to push his way into top thirty game. He is explosive and has a nose for the ball off the glass.

David Beatty                          6’3”     2017    Archbishop Carroll (Radnor PA) – Athletic scorer with quick first step who showed he ca score with best at Pangos. He needs to realize he has teammates, that would make him more effective in the long run, but he has tools. He hit open jumper, but needs to know what is good hot. Tools are there, but needs to mature…He will get lots of D-1 looks!

Terry Nolan                            6’3”     2017    Mt.Carmel (Essex MD) – Quick wing defender that can make plays with on both ends of the court. He has quicks to lock you down or blow by you in open court. He sees court off the turn and hit open jumper off the dribble inside the arc.

Mike Okauru                          6’3”     2017    Ravenscroft (RaleighNC) – This quick two man has a dream to play at Duke, and defensively he is on his way. He has length and quick feet, and anticipates with best in camp. He hit three and has handle to create dribble drive and finish with bounce. Good student will ge lots of high major looks in the future.

Javon Quinerly                      6’1”     2018    Hudson Catholic (NJ) – Young combo ran th break and showed he can make pass or take to rim. He has solid ball skills and hit jumper from arc or off the dribble. He will give an effort on “D” too!

Jomaru Brown                       6’1”     2018    Southern (DurhamNC) – Another young back court talent who can knock down three or take it to the rack with an explosive first step. He handles it well enough to create shot or dive, but was more impressive giving an effort on defensive end o court.

Keleaf Tate                               6’1”     2017    Chavez (WashingtonDC) – He had flashes where he hit three an created drive and finish in the lane. Consistency will be key as he develops. Definitely one for D-1’s to monitor this season.

Isaiah Washington               6’0”     2017    St. Raymond’s (New York NY) – This explosive lead guard can flat out break you down with the dribble, attack hoop or deliver the rock to open ma or cutter. He has excellent court vision and can really push it at “D”! He will be a high major lead guard, book it

Darius Kinnel                          6’0”     2018    Highland (Blackwood NJ) – Solid lead guard who settle into the job on day two, he looked to score less, and was more efficient, delivered rock to open man and hit jumper from three and off the dribble to keep defense off balance. He will get mid-up looks in the future as he builds basketball I.Q.

Pierre Coffy                               6’0”     2017    The HotchkissSchool (CT) – Solid combo guard who played within himself, scored off the dribble and with jumper while distributing th rock when we watched. He is a good defender who will garner D-1 looks in the future.

Quade Green                             6’0”     2017    Newman-Goretti (PhiladelphiaPA) – This smooth combo can score off the dribble and finish in traffic versus contact. He hit jumper to three and is a solid passer off the drive. He looks to score first, but he knows how to set up teammates too!

Damon Wall                               5’11”   2018    DoaneAcademy (PhiladelphiaPA) – This solid floor leader sets up drive with jumper from three attacks off the dribble and finishes in traffic. He has an explosive first step and is going to get lots of high major looks in the future!

Cameron Norman                    5’11”   2017    Good Counsel (Olney MD) – This pss first floor leader look for open man on every trip down the court. He raised his game on Sunday showing ability to score with jumper. He is a solid mid-up floor leader with natural progression of skills.

Tremont Waters                        5’10”   2017    South Kent (CT) – This explosive scoring point guard flat out just made plays at Pangos. He has the flair of a Sebastian Telfair or even a Chris Paul at this young age. He has quicks and handle to do what he wants versus his peers. One that high majors need to monitor this spring.

Best of the Rest (Top 60 Cream of the Crop Selections)

Victor Obiekunie                           7’0”     2018    St. Vincent Pallotti (Laurel MD)

Seth Pinkney                                  6’9”     2018    Archbishop Wood (PhiladelphiaPA)

Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree          6’9”     2017    Newman-Goretti (PhiladelphiaPA)

Adam Albanowski                        6’8”     2017    Notre Dame (LawrencevilleNJ)

Koran Moore                                6’8”     2017    Patterson (Baltimore MD)

Maxwell Lorca-Lloyd                 6’8”     2018    Poly Prep (Brooklyn NY)

Mikal Jones                                 6’6”     2019    Discovery Charter (PhiladelphiaPA)

Nahim Lee                                   6’5”     2017    West Catholic (PhiladelphiaPA)

Maurice Murray                          6’5”     2018    Timbercreek Regional (SicklervilleNJ)

Karrington Wallace                    6’5”     2018    Archbishop Wood (PhiladelphiaPA)

Tyriq McAdoo                              6’4”     2018    NationalChristianAcademy (MD)

Sherif Kenney                              6’4”     2019    Paul Charter (Washington MD)

Maurice Waters                          6’4”     2017    Bartram (PhiladelphiaPA)

Chris (CJ) Kelly                          6’4”     2017    St. Mary’s (Manhasset NY)

Ronald Gaskins                          6’3”     2017    Medford Tech (MedfordNJ)

Devin Clyburn                            6’3”     2017    Loomis Chaffee (New YorkNY)

Luther Muhammed                   6’3”     2018    Hudson Catholic (NJ)

Brandon Randolph                    6’3”     2017    MastersSchool (YonkersNY)

Dawson Grinnage                     6’3”     2017    Hodgson (Newark DE)

Justin Batiz                               6’2”     2017    Kennedy (New YorkNY)

Deon Hammond                       6’2”     2017    Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro MD)

Jaquan Arrington                      6’2”     2017    Imhotep (Philadelphia PA)

Tyree Pickson                          6’2”     2018    Archbishop Wood (PhiladelphiaPA)

Tyrece Little                             6’1”     2017    Susquehanna (HarrisburgPA)

Sean Simon                              6’1”     2018    Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadelphia PA)

Trey Smith                                6’1”     2017    Wildwood Catholic (NJ)

David Kachelries                      6’0”     2017    Emmaus (Emmaus PA)

Leondre Washington              6’0”     2017    Teaneck (TeaneckNJ)

Jack Cavanaugh                       5’11”   2019    Pope John XXIII (SpartaNJ)

Justin Ryder                              5’10”   2017    Paul VI (HaddonfieldNJ)

Jack Cavanaugh                       5’11”   2019    Pope John XXIII (SpartaNJ)

Malique Vaval–Paris                5’10”   2017    Chapel Field (New York NY)

Jordan Walker                          5’9”     2017    Long Island Lutheran (NY)

Samuel Sessoms                      5’9”     2018    Shipley School (Philadelphia PA)

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