A number of the South’s top prospects in the rising sophomore and freshman class were on display this past weekend in Dallas, Texas at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camp at the Drive Nation facility right next to the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Camp Director Dinos Trigonis hosted over 250 players from ten different states across the southern parts of the USA.

The camp featured a deep group of young big men with eighteen players 6’8 or bigger (14 are featured in our overview below) and a gifted group of wing talents that showed their versatile talents at the Dallas event. The one weakness in the camp, was in the overall quality of the guard court that tended to drop off quite a bit from last year’s stellar group. That could have come from perception based on high level the 2017 group displayed, but none-the-less this group has a lot of potential but needs a wait and see attitude on whether the players in our “Others to Watch” group will continue to develop in the future.

Talents like Arthur Kaluma (pictured left above), Josh Farmer, K.J. Adams (pictured right above), Alec Zambie, Mason Miller, Chris Marshall, and Tre White may already be on the high major radar, even at this young age, but look for 10-15 others to emerge out of this camp, with the potential to eventually grace the nation’s rankings of the top 50-100 players in their respective classes as they continue to mature and develop. With that in mind here’s a quick look at the top talent and others to watch that emerged at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph South Camp:

TOP BIGS (Listed by Height)

Clayton White                               7’0          2021          Keller Central (Keller TX) – This skilled big man has excellent hands and foot work around hoop. He finished around the rim with best in camp. He dominated on day one early but ran out of gas as weekend wore on him. Once conditioning catches up with skills, Big Country will see lots of big school interest.

Onu Samuel Ayomide                  7’0          2021         Texas Christian (Houston TX) – This long and lean big man, was tough on defense, blocking and altering shots. He runs floor well but needs to hone offensive skills and continue to get stronger! He has size and athleticism to intrigue coaches at all levels.

David Oyona                                 6’11        2023          Covington-Douglas (Covington OK) – This young big man more than held his own versus players his size and two years older. He has a good nose for ball off the glass and finished inside, as well as he could pop to the elbow and hit 15-footer or drive to the rim. As his strength matures and he continues to hone skills the high majors will be coming! One of 2023’s top big prospects!

Mohamed Ngom                           6’10        2022          Texas Christian (Houston TX) – This long and active big man blocked and altered shots, ran the floor well and even went to the floor for loose balls. He catches ball in post but needs to work on moves and pop out game offensively. He has athletic gifts that will draw major interest in time.

Lee Dort                                        6’10        2022         Bethany Christian (Plano TX) – Solid big who catches it in traffic and finishes with dunk or kiss. He doesn’t back down from contact and has good feet on blocks to create space or shot. Good rebounder who as he develops pop out game will see lots of interest!

Jerrell Calbert                              6’9          2021         Sam Rayburn (Pasadena TX) – Athletic, long, but thin big man who showed his potential in spurts. He blocks shots, catches oop pass for dunk and outran others end to end. Tools are there, but he needs to hone skills to complete high major package!

Mike Woolridge                            6’8          2022          Bethany (Oklahoma City OK)  – This wide shouldered big man flat out can catch and score off the move or post up. He uses the glass to his advantage to create angles and doesn’t worry about dunk, just makes shots! He will draw lots of Mid to High major looks down the road.

David Dixon                                  6’8          2021         Briercrest (Memphis TN) – Strong and physical big who altered shots and is a beast on the back board. He has good hands and showed he can catch in traffic and throw it down in paint.

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Vincent Iwuchuwn                       6’10          2022          Cole (San Antonio TX)

Adam Stewart                               6’10         2022          Waller (Waller TX)

Aruna Zuberu                               6’9            2022          Prince of Peace (Plano TX)

Jamin Power                                 6’9           2021          New Boston (TX)

Damion Collins                            6’8            2021          Atlanta (Atlanta TX)

Jack Slaughter                              6’8           2021          Cistercian Prep (Irving TX)

Jabari West                                   6’8           2022    Hot Springs (AR)

TOP WINGS (Listed by Height)

Arthur Kaluma                             6’8          2021         Universal Academy (Coppel TX) – Multi-skilled and offensively talented combo who can create drive or stop and pop 16-footer on the move. He gets on the glass, can start break and be part of finish on other end. He is an excellent help side shot blocker too!  He needs to extend range and consistency to complete big-time package he promises at this point.

Josh Farmer                                  6’8          2021         Sharpstown (Houston TX) – Long nd athletic point forward who can board, run the break and make pass to open man or finish at the rim. He has guard skills with ball and vision to make pass. He needs to extend shot range and consistency to open up the half-court off the dribble. He tends to play in spurts which gave him a knock with a number of the scouts in Dallas. He has to show that he wants it (intensity!)as much as his athleticism and skills show to get big-time interest!

Christian Green                            6’7          2021         Plano West (Plano TX) – This wing man showed he can catch it on perimeter and create drive that he finished with kiss or dunk. He hit jumper around the arc, but needs to continue to build shot into weapon to compliment his slashing style. He has good bounce and did nice job on glass and starting break with pass.

Mason Miller                                6’7         2021         Houston (Germantown TN) – This son of former NBA player Mike Miller made his daddy proud with his ability to flat out stroke the left-handed three from all over the court. He used it to set up drive that he finished in traffic, got on glass and started break with quick snap board and pass. He has all kinds of tools, just needs to add strength to complete high major package.

Jalen Ricks                                    6’6          2021         Sylvan Hills (Sherwood AR) – Long and athletic combo forward who finishes at the rim. He hit jumper from the arc or off the dribble, but needs to improve his consistency to reach level of overall game his athletic gifts promise

Jaden Jones                                   6’6          2021         Home School (Dallas TX) – Wing man who was on the glass on both ends. He has good bounce and can face the hoop and drive to rim and finish with flush over bigs. He catches oop and dunks with authority. He needs to show shot more to set up drive, his shot is only question mark we had for him to answer in Dallas!

Jordan Walsh                                6’6          2022         Faith Family (Cedar Hill TX) – Athletic and long wing man he showed range to three and hit pull-up on the elbow that set up drive that he finished at the rim. He is a good help side shot blocker who has tools to become solid defender. Youth says he’s just scratching the surface of what he can be, stay tuned!

Colin Smith                                   6’6          2022    St. Mark’s School (Dallas TX) – Bouncy young wing who hit jumper off the dribble from 15’ or attacked rim and finished in traffic. He has solid handle but needs to use shot to set up drive. He’s young and forced it at times, but tools are there and time is on his side.

Harrison Ingram                          6’6          2021    St. Mark’s School (Dallas TX) – This athletic wing showed he would get on glass, run the floor and has solid mid-range jumper off the dribble. As he extends range and creates handle to lift game to athletic gifts, he’ll become one to watch!

Terran Williams                           6’5          2021         Barton (Marianna AR) – Wing who can flat out stroke the three from deep (hit 4 of 5 in one quarter we watched) who like Marcus Moody last year also has the tools to create the dribble drive and finish in traffic at the rim!

Jace Wilson                                   6’5          2022         Guyer (Denton TX) – This solid wing athlete hit open jumper off the dribble or catch and shoot. He is a good passer in transition and is willing to get on glass and battle for boards. Just entering freshman year so stay tuned as he matures!

Latrell Moore                                6’5          2021         Willowridge (Houston TX) – Athletic wing who has good bounce and showed he can finish and board with best in game we watched him play. He hit jumper from 18-feet and showed he can crate drive in isolation. He is raw, but pieces are there to develop into solid wing.

Tre Alexander                               6’5          2021         Central (Tulsa OK) – This athletic wing man loves to isolate and break you down one-on-one and take it to the rack and finish with strength. He has solid jumper to set up drive and good handle too! Definitely is going to see coaches come calling this season thru the spring!

Jalen Nettles                                  6’4          2022          Sylvan Hills (Little Rock AR) – He really showed his stuff in All-Star game, showing his skills to create drive getting to rim and finishing over bigs in traffic. He has range to three and is a young talent with a big upside that mid-high majors should be monitoring!

Trae Clayton                                 6’4          2022         Faith Family (Cedar Hill TX) – This young swing man really grew on me over the weekend with his hard-nosed style of play on both ends. He catches your eye with defense, then goes to other end, hits jumper and finishes drive. Definitely one to watch!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Jaxson Robinson                           6’5           2021          Ada (Ada OK)

Cameron Taylor                           6’5           2021          Timberview (Mansfield TX)

Damon Nicholas Jr.                      6’4           2021          Duncanville (TX)

Jaden Flournoy                             6’4           2021          South Grand Prairie (TX)

C.J. Noland                                   6’3           2021          Waxahachie (TX)

TOP GUARDS (Listed by Height)

KJ Adams                                      6’6          2021         Westlake (Austin TX) – This wing talent lit it up all weekend, he can knock down three, create dribble drive with either hand, finish in traffic, or hit open man with pass off penetration and kick. He plays within himself and makes his teammates better with the pass. Definitely a big-time prospect that majors should be on right now!

Tre White                                      6’5          2022         Little Elm (TX) – Athletic big guard who has bounce and strength to finish with authority at the rim. He has excellent basketball I.Q., sees pass of the dribble and sets up others for kick. He has solid jumper that sets up drive. Already hearing from Big 12 & SEC according to what we heard in Dallas.

Alec Zambie                                  6’5          2021         Plano West (Plano TX) – This tough hard-nosed, but athletic scoring guard was probably the biggest surprise of the weekend for me. He flat out can stroke the three from deep or off the dribble. He has good quicks and finishes drive with length and bounce in traffic. He has a great nose for the ball and is flat out a winner that the high majors should be monitoring!

Nick Smith                                    6’3          2022         Sylvan Hills (Sherwood AR) – Slasher and driver who can score in bunches from the arc to the rim. He went off for thirty on Sunday morning to make his impact to this list. He needs to stay in control at times as he tends to force action a little too much.

Keyonte George                            6’3          2022         Lewisville (TX) – Athletic combo with good size who sees the court makes pass in transition or to the post in half-court. He has good mid-range jumper and in time will be a good one.

Christian Weddington                 6’3          2022         Grapevine Faith Christian (Grapevine TX) – Strong swing man who showed he can hit open jumper and finish drive or break in transition. He is a good passer to the post and has solid handle. He has time to hone game, stay tuned!

Joseph Vandzant                          6’3          2021         Midland Christian (Midland TX) – Active and aggressive scoring guard who attacked the rim and finished with good bounce. He hit mid-range jumper off the dribble (didn’t shoot three while we watched) but has good rotation so range should extend naturally. H gets after it on “D” and plays hard on both ends!

Madison Peaster                           6’3          2021          Little Rock Mills (Little Rock AR) – This skilled and talented scoring guard has handle and shot to put up numbers, but he didn’t play to level we saw here last yea or in AAU action. He needs to give a consistent effort and show what he can do on both ends to keep and develop high major interest he has seen to this point.

Chris Marshall                              6’2          2022         Thurgood Marshall (Houston TX) – Explosive lead guard who can run the break or half-court, penetrate and kick or finish at the rim with strength. He has range to three and use it to set up drive and pass. He can flat out be a lock down defender and makes plays on both ends. He has a solid basketball I.Q. and his well rounded game and athletic tools have brought SEC & Big 12 interest already!

Corvin Oprea                                6’2          2021         Coppell (Coppell TX) – Left-handed shooter who can flat out stroke three from deep (hit 3-threes in row in quarter we watched) and can create shot off dribble too! He showed he was willing to play “D” and played hard on both ends.

Devon Barnes                                6’1          2021    The Lawton Christian School (Lawton OK) – Quick point who can really push it in open court. He did good job on penetration and kick his jumper from 15-17 feet off the dribble and showed he can get after you on defensive end of the court too!

Noah Shelby                                  6’1          2022    St. Mark’s School (Dallas TX) – Solid lead guard who can knock down three or jumper off the move. He is a good passer who can penetrate and kick or finish at the rim. He has solid two-handed game and is ok defender too!

Finley Bizjack                               6’1          2023          Keller Middle School (Keller TX) – Really young combo type who can knock down jumper from three or create drive and finish. He has tools to hit pull-up if lane closes and make pass to open man. His final level will depend on growth and continued skill development but all the tools are in place for bright future.

Christopher Whitten                    5’11        2022          Hirschi (Wichita Falls TX) – Solid and quick lead guard who can flat out push it in transition or attack in half-court and deliver the rock to open man or finish at the rim. He sees court and uses his quickness and solid range to three to keep defense off balance.

Isaiah Foster                                 5’10        2022         Frisco Memorial (TX) – Young lead guard who can create drive with either hand, sets up drive with solid three-point stroke and is a good passer who sees open man in transition or off penetration and kick. He definitely is one the mid-ups should be monitoring at this stage as he oozes potential.

Kasai Burton                                 5’10        2022          Tishomingo (OK) – Small, but solid point who was among the top passers in the camp (he had two games with double digit assists) who sees the floor and delivers the rock on break or off penetration and kick. He has good range on jumper to keep “D” honest. If he gets stronger and adds an inch or two high majors will come calling!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Toney Green                                 6’4            2021          O.D. Wyatt (Ft. Worth TX)

Garrett Levesque                          6’4           2021          Coronado (El Paso TX)

Kyron Walton                               6’4            2022          Richland Hills (TX)

C.J. Luster                                    6’4           2021          Guyer (Denton TX)

Patrick Caero                                6’3            2021          Trinity Valley School (Ft. Worth TX)

Cason Wallace                              6’3            2022          Richardson (TX)

Sean Johnson                                6’3            2022          Sandia (Albuquerque NM)

Johnathan Massie                         6’3           2021          Atascocita (TX)

Juan Reyna                                   6’3            2021          Antonian (San Antonio TX)

Chase Ross                                   6’3           2021          Plano West (Plano TX)

Anthony Black                             6’2            2022          Coppell (Coppell TX)

Tracy Steele                                  6’2            2021          North Little Rock (Little Rock AR)

Jonathan Box                                6’1            2021          Heritage (Frisco TX)

Jesse Washington                         6’0            2022          Annie Camp JHS (Jonesboro AR)

Imo Eissien                                   6’0            2021          Bishop Lynch (Dallas TX)

Austin Nunez                                6’0            2022          Randolph (San Antonio TX)

Alex Bossinakis                            6’0            2022          Colleyville Heritage (TX)

Robert Billingsley                        5’11          2021          Bowie (Arlington TX)

Dallas Hobbs                                5’10          2022          Lakeridge (Mansfield TX)

Justin Bussey                                5’10          2021          Brennan (San Antonio TX)

Next up, we will be heading to Chicago this coming weekend to Chicago this coming weekend, so stay tuned for our look at the top talent at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Midwest Camp, right here at TheBasketballChannel.net