A number of the East’s top prospects in the rising sophomore and freshman classes were on display this past weekend in Thorofare, NJ at the Riverwinds Center across the Delaware River from the Philadelphia International Airport. Camp Director Dinos Trigonis hosted over 230 players from eleven states plus the District of Columbia at this competitive weekend event.

Some of the East’s top young talent headed by Camp Co-MOP’s 6’10 Micawber Etienne (pictured right above with Coach Tootie) and 6’8 Jonathan Kuminga (pictured left above) along with 6’7 Top 30 game Co-MVP Richard Nweke and highly regarded 6’8 Trey Patterson headed a talented group of bigs and wings who showed they have game…while in the backcourt Top 30 Co-MVP 6’2 Rasool Diggins and 6’3 Zion Cruz  headed a deep group of ballhandlers and slashing scorers that dictated the up-tempo pace that was played at the Riverwinds Center over the weekend.

As I mentioned earlier it was a competitive weekend as the Cream of the Crop games proved… as the Top 60 game went down to the last possession as the White squad won a 79-77 thriller on a game winner by 6’0 Car’Ron Brown and the steady inside play of game MVP 7’0 Silas Sunday.  But, that was just a preview of things to come as the Top 30 game went to two overtimes before the Black squad pulled out an 87-85 win on a last second pick and roll from 6’4 Shane Dezonie to Micawber Etienne to win it. Etienne finished with 22 points and got solid support from game MVP Rasool Diggins who finished with 19 points and 5 steals. The White squad was led by Jonathan Kuminga with 21 points and 5 rebounds in the tough loss.

So, with that in mind here’s a quick look at the top talent and the others to watch that emerged at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph East Camp:

TOP BIGS (Listed by Height)

Silas Sunday                                      7’0″      2022            Our Savior Lutheran (Bronx NY) – This wide bodied big man grew on us as the weekend went on culminated by a 14 point, 5 rebound, 5 block MVP performance in the Top 60 Cream of the Crop game. He has good hands and solid footwork, but because of extra pounds he carries plays to the rim right now. He runs ok but would see his level raise immensely with loss of weight, stay tuned on that!

Javonte Brown                      6’11”    2021    Mt. Joseph (Baltimore MD) – This extremely long and lanky shot blocker just continued to grow on us over the weekend. Sure he needs to add some bulk and upper body strength (that will come in time), but he battled for boards, wasn’t afraid to finish versus contact, and attacked shots on defense causing opponents to alter their shots. He has some work to do offensively, but high majors should be monitoring his development!

Micawber Etienne                 6’10”    2021    Suffield Academy (CT) – This Co-MOP of the camp was a terror in the paint to opponents, beginning with the first block through to the game winning bucket in the Top 30 Crème of the Crop game! He finished with 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks in the top game! But, what set him apart was the consistent level of play as he outruns other bigs up the floor, rebounds and finishes thru contact, and has the ability to pop out and hit 15-footer on face-up or drive and score with regularity. He should be on the major’s radar this winter.

Abdou Halil-Barre                6’9″      2022    Our Savior New American (Centerreach NY) –  This long and lanky big man can really run the floor, attack and block shots on defensive end and snare rebounds off the glass. He is raw offensively which points to a big upside, but did a nice job catching and finishing in traffic! Definitely one for mid to high majors to monitor!

Enoch Boakye                        6’9″      2022            Southwest Christian (Little Rock AR) – this active big man has good set of hands, catches in traffic, and finishes versus contact in transition or post up. He has good touch around hoop or on pop out at 12-feet. He plays to the rim most of the time but has bounce to finish slam. He is good passer out of double team and will “D” up opponents in the paint. He should see lots of mid-up interest in the future.

Nate Santos                            6’7″      2021    Loomis (Windsor CT) – This long and skilled big caught our eye with his ability to catch it on the face-up, turn and create drive, then finish at the rim with slam or kiss. He hit 17-footer to keep “D” honest and showed he can pass it from high post or off the dribble. He can catch it in traffic and finish and does solid job on glass both in and out of his zone. He will see lots of high major interest this season and next spring on the circuit.

Blaise Vespe                           6’7”      2021    St. Augustine Prep (Richland NJ) – This active big man plays hard on both ends, he gets on the glass, outlets and runs the floor, he can knock down jumper off the trail, or rol to the block and finish  with the dunk or the kiss. He can face and create show and go drive and is a good passer out of high post. Mids-up should be giving him a look!

Matthew Delaney                  6’7″      2021    St. Augustine Prep (Richland NJ) – This skilled face-up big man can knock down jumper from the arc, pick and roll and finish versus contact and is an excellent rebounder with a set of strong hands to snatch it off the glass. He has good feet and a sweet pop out 15-footer that makes him tough for defense to handle. Mid to high majors should have him on their radar this winter.

Richard Nweke                      6’7″      2022    The Dwight School (New York NY) – This bouncy big man attacked the rim with a vengeance dunk it whenever he had the chance. He has good feet and created shots around the rim on post up too! He is a good defender who can guard the three thru five spots and is an excellent shot blocker on help defense. He was Co-MVP of Top 30 Cream of Crop game with 10 points, 8 boards, and 2 steals! He should see lots of mid to high major interest in the future.

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Railer Vargas                          6’9″      2022    Capitol Christian (Lanham MD)

Kyle Rhoden                           6’9″      2021    Central Regional (Bayville NJ)

Grace   Mancubu                     6’8″      2022    Capitol Christian (Lanham MD)

David Onanina                        6’8″      2022    Capital Christian (Lanham MD)

Detwan Montague                  6’7″      2021    St. Frances Academy (Baltimore MD)

Malcolm Chimezie                 6’7″      2021            Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains NY)

Vindell Witherspoon              6’7″      2022    St. Raymond’s (Bronx NY)

TOP WINGS (Listed by Height)

Jonathan Kuminga               6’8″      2021    Our Savior New American (Centerreach NY) – He was a level above when he decided to play as he showed going for 21 points and 5 boards in Top 30 game. He is a long and lanky wing talent with excellent ball skills who can finish with highlights at the rim. He can knock down jumper to three point range but is at his best off dribble in side arc or finishing at the rim. As he continues to add strength and mature the majors will come calling, if they aren’t already!

Trey Patterson                      6’8″      2021    Rutgers Prep (Somerset NJ) – This lanky wing man has guard skills with the basketball and can create drive going left or right. He has range to the arc, but needs to improve consistency from deep to go with pull-up from 15-17-feet that he hit regularly. He needs to continue to add strength to give him the ability to play through contact off the drive but has all the tools that will draw high major to major interest in the future.

Elijah Jones                           6’7″      2021            Pleasantville (Pleasantville NJ) – Wiry combo forward who has good quicks to the hoop and finishes with bounce and flush. He is a good passer off the drive and showed he can knock down pull-up inside the arc. He needs to continue to extend range and get stronger in the upper body to reach full potential. He will see lots of mid to high major interest in the future!

Daniel Nixon                          6’6″      2021    Hill School (Pottstown PA) – Bouncy young wing who hit jumper off the dribble from 17’ or attacked rim and finished in traffic. He has solid handle but needs to extend shot range to set up drive for the future at next level. He is a good passer especially in transition. He gets on glass and starts break with dribble. He will get lots of mid-up interest as he matures physically.

Kwame Evans Jr.                  6’6″      2023    H.S. TBA (Baltimore MD – Bouncy young wing who hit jumper off the dribble from 17’ or attacked rim and finished in traffic. He has solid handle and is a good passer off the move. He is only in 8 th grade so he has plenty of time to extend range and continue to hone his skills. Made Top 30 game on merit of play and high majors need to note his name for the future!

Daeshon Sheppard                6’4″      2021            Archbishop Wood (Philadelphia PA) – Uber bouncy wing man can flat out attack the rim off the dribble and create highlight dunks! He needs to balance big finishes with a solid jumper to go with athletic gifts, solid handle and ability to see the pass. He’s raw around the edges, but he has a big upside down the road!

Roddy Gayle                          6’4″      2022    Lewiston Porter (Niagara Falls NY) – This solid wing athlete hit open jumper from three off the dribble from or catch and shoot. He is a good passer in transition and is willing to get on glass and battle for boards. He also posted people up and scored with good footwork and use of rim. He will see lots of coaches stopping to take a look this coming season.

Shane Dezonie                       6’4″      2021    Hudson Catholic (NJ) – He put an exclamation on his game for weekend with winning assist in Top 30 game! He has guard ball skills, is a good passer who can attack and dish or finish in the lane over bigs. He crashes the glass from wing and fills lane and finishes break with dunk or kiss. He may grow 2-3” yet and that’s why we have in wings, rather than guards…tools there for both at D-1 level down the road!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Kareem Ewell                         6’6″      2021    Dickson (Wilmington DE)

Sadiku Ibine                            6’6″      2022    Our Savior Lutheran (Bronx NY)

Clarence Obiajulu                   6’6″      2021    City College High (Baltimore MD)

Michael Katsikis                     6’5″     2021    Cherokee (Marlton NJ)

Cameron Whitmore                6’4″     2022            Archbishop Spalding (Severn MD)

Trey Thomas                           6’4″      2022            Archbishop Carroll (Washington DC)

Quincy Jones                          6’4″      2021    Chaney (Youngstown OH)

Chance Westry                        6’4″      2022    Trinity (Harrisburg PA)

Tahron Allen                           6’4″      2021    St. Raymond’s (Bronx NY)

TOP GUARDS (Listed by Height)

Marcus Randolph                 6’4″      2021    Trenton Catholic (NJ) – Explosive lead guard who can run the break or half-court, penetrate and kick or finish at the rim with strength. He has range to three and use it to set up drive and pass which was his strength. If he continues to add consistency to his jumper and build on his skills he will see lots of mid-up interest.

Zarique Nutter                      6’4″      2021    St. Benedict’s (Newark NJ) – This athletic scoring guard can knock down three with regularity to set up the drive and penetration that he finishes at the rim versus contact. He has good quicks, solid ball skills and uses his bounce and length to finish drive. He will see lots of high major interest if he continues to build on his skill set.

Rodney Rice                          6’3″      2022    Bullis (Clinton MD) – Young, but athletic combo with good size who sees the court makes pass in transition or to the post in half-court. He has good mid-range jumper that will extend in time. He is willing to get after it on defensive end and works on glass from guard spot too! If he extends range with consistency he will draw mid to high major interest down the road.

Zion Cruz                              6’3″      2022    Hudson Catholic (Jersey City NJ) – One of top lead guards in camp, he can run the break or half-court, penetrate and kick or finish at the rim with strength. He has range to three and use it to set up drive and pass. He defends and makes plays on both ends. He has a solid basketball I.Q. that will bring interest from high majors in the future.

Antonio Hamlin                    6’2″      2022    Mount St. Joseph (Baltimore MD) – I liked him better than second all-star game, as he impressed me as a quick point who can really push it in open court. He did good job on penetration and kick. He hit his jumper from 15-17 feet off the dribble and showed he can get after you on defensive end of the court too! Strong lead guard for mid majors up!

Rasool Diggins                       6’2″      2021            Archbishop Wood (Philadelphia PA) – He capped a big weekend with a Co-MVP performance in the Top 30 game with 19 points and 5 steals to lead his squad to a two overtime victory! He’s a lanky combo with range to three who sees court off the dribble can make pass or finish in traffic. He will “D” you up as evidenced by steals in Top 30 game. With maturity ha can develop into high major lead guard!

Jaleel Brown                          6’2″      2022    Haverford School (PA) – Young scoring guard who attacked the rim off the dribble and finished with strength or kiss. He hit pull-up off the dribble, but will have to show or extend range to create those drive opportunities as he meets older competition down the road. He showed he will board and play some “D”, definitely one for D-1’s to monitor!

Isaiah Griffith                       6’0″      2022    The Patrick School (Elizabeth NJ) – Young combo guard can flat drive and slash to the rim off the dribble. He scored with floater and kiss in traffic and showed good form on his jumper that he will need to hone into weapon to keep his stock rising as he matures.

Jaylen Stinson                                   6’0″      2021            Archbishop Wood (Philadelphia PA) – Quick, but solid lead guard who can knock down three or jumper off the move. He is a good passer who can penetrate and kick or finish at the rim. He has solid two-handed game and can “D” you up too! Look for mids-up to start taking a good look at this pass first lead guard this season into the spring.

Sai’von Pressley                    5’10”    2022    Bishop George Ahr (Edison NJ) – Again another point I thought was better than second all-star game, He is a solid and quick lead guard who can flat out push it in transition or attack in half-court and deliver the rock to open man or finish at the rim. He sees court and uses his quickness, but to mature into level that handle and pass promise he needs to develop perimeter jumper ((looked ok, but didn’t shoot it much) to become a mid-up lead guard.

Cam’Ron Brown                   5’10”    2022    Rock Creek Christian (Upper Marlboro MD) – Young lead guard who showed he can run the show, sees the court and delivers the rock in transition or off of penetration and kick! He is an excellent passer who sets up plays with solid pull-up jumper. He will see stock rise as he extends range with consistency to beyond the arc. He is one the mid-ups better have on their watch list (along with brother Car’Ron below)!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Johnik Moores                       6’4″      2022    The Dwight School (New York NY)

Damon Pearce                         6’4″      2022    Cameron Heights Secondary (Toronto CAN)

Andres Marrero                      6’3″      2021    Upper Room Christian Academy (Dix Hill NY)

Michael Marshall                    6’3″     2021    Thayer Academy (Braintree MA)

Aidan Phillips                         6’3″      2021    Malvern Prep (Malvern PA)

Elmarko Jackson                     6’2″      2022    St Augustine Prep (Richland NJ)

Jaheem Gadsden                     6’2       2021    Delcastle (Wilmington DE)

Jordan Riley                            6’1″      2021            Brentwood (NY)

Desean Lecque                        6’1″      2022    Bergen Catholic (Oradell NJ)

Isaiah Thompson                    6’0″      2021    Masters School (Dobbs Ferry NY)

Car’Ron Brown                      6’0″     2022    Rock Creek Christian Academy (Upper Marlboro MD)

Mark Armstrong                     6’0″      2022    St. Peter’s Prep (NJ)

Julio Fernandes                       6’0″      2021    New Heights Charter (Brockton MA)

Kyle Cuffe Jr.                         6’0″      2021    Avon Old Farms School (CT)

Jaden   DeJesus                       6’0″      2021    The Knox School (Long Island NY)

Dontae Prescott                       5’10”    2021    Nazareth (Brooklyn NY)

Devin Ceaser                           5’10”    2021    St. Mary’s Ryken (Leonardtown MD)

James Prescott                        6’1″     2021    Wilson (Portsmouth VA)

Amir Johnson                         5’9″      2021            Pennsbury (Yardley PA)

That is our final look at the top talent at the 2018 Pangos All-Frosh/Soph East Camp…unfortunately, we didn’t list everyone that we thought had a chance to play at the scholarship level as we had 117 players in total with that potential based on their play while we watched over the weekend in Thorofare, NJ.

This also concludes our fall look at the top young players across America at Pangos and other events. We observed over 1300 players attending the six events we attended since the end of the July evaluation period. We will take a quick look at the 2021 rankings and make any changes we see fit, as well as look at a list of the top 2022 talents we have seen that are entering high school this fall, so stay tuned!