Armed with the majority support from owners and saying “we’re ready to go,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver (photo courtesy made it clear that pushing back the league’s age minimum to 20 is at the top of his priority list. Silver, who was presiding over his first board of governors meeting since taking the NBA Commissioner’s office, said the league and the NCAA have discussed creating some programs and provisions to help players stay in college longer as part of a way to get the union to accept the changes.

“If we’re going to be successful in raising the age from 19 to 20, part and parcel in those negotiations goes to the treatment of players on those college campuses and closing the gap between what their scholarships cover and their expenses,” Silver said. “We haven’t looked specifically at creating a financial incentive for them to stay in college.

That’s been an option that has been raised over the years, but that’s not something that is on the table right now.” Also, there was discussion of allowing players who didn’t feel college was the right option for them, that they might be able to play in the NBA Developmental League, or overseas…but, there was no consensus on those as options, similar to that was received by 20-year old rule. Raising the minimum was definitely the top vote/interest getter among the owners. But, regardless of the commissioner’s current position, he will have to sell it to the National Basketball Player’s Association.

The 2011 CBA left this item open ended, with the one and done rule able to be revisited at any time.  For now, that won’t be on the docket, as the NBPA is still looking for a new Executive Director…they hope to have one named this summer, until then, change will just have to wait…stay tuned as we will be following this potential change as it continues to unfold over the coming months, right here at