We’ve hit the Midway point of the high school season and have had a chance to see a number of the top players from around the country and now feel it’s time to take our first look at the nation’s top juniors, the Class of 2018. Make no mistake about it, the top talent in the class is 6’10 power forward Marvin Bagley from Chatsworth, CA Sierra Canyon High. He has all the tools to be a face up four in time at the NBA level, especially once he adds physical maturity and improves the consistency of his long range jump shot. He is a good shooter now, with the ability to attack the rim off the dribble who can score in variety of ways. He draws comparisons to Kevin Durant with his length quickness and bounce. But, isn’t the shooter that Durant was at this point of his development, although he is stronger and a better finisher as a junior in high school than Durant.

Right behind him is a physical man child who has been tearing it up since last spring in 6’7 235-pound Zion Williamson who reminds me in many ways of another Williamson, that being former Arkansas All-American and 12-year NBA talent Corliss “Big Nasty” Williamson! Like Big Nasty he dominates the glass on both ends, makes plays, and flat out destroys opponents one-on-one. He has improved his jumper and is becoming a match-up nightmare for opponents. Behind our power duo, at No.3 nationally, is sweet shooting 6’4 wing scorer Romeo Langford who can flat out fill it up from three or make highlights off the dribble at the rim. He tore it up last summer and is putting up big numbers this winter too! Pushing him for the title of top guard in the class is our No.4 rated junior in 6’6 Cameron Reddish from Westtown, PA Westtown School. He has all the tools to take it off the glass, run the break, and either finish in traffic or make pass to open man in transition. He can knock down three to keep defense honest and can flat out break down opponents off the dribble and create with his triple threat skills. Rounding out our top five is a long and explosive foreign import in 6’8 Multi-skilled forward Silvio De Sousa who is prepping this year at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. He can score from the arc to the rim and has tools to take it end to end off the glass, pop mid-range jumper off dribble or finish versus contact at the rim.

Heading our second five is a fast rising power forward in 6’10 Jordan Brown from Roseville, CA Woodcreek High. He is an explosive rebounding who uses his length to control boards and make big plays on defense. But, it has been the development of his offensive game, especially facing the hoop out of the high post that has the put him in the hunt for a top five spot.  Right behind him is another foreign import at No.7 in 6’8 Simisola Shittu who is prepping at Vermont Academy in Saxon River, VT.  He is a dominant rebounder who has really come on offensively becoming a face-up talent who can score from elbow to the hoop with efficiency.  Rounding out the final three spots in our top ten is 6’4 scoring combo Javonte Smart from Baton Rouge, LA Scotlandville who can flat out light it up from three to the rim. Right behind him is 6’10 inside scorer and rebounder E.J. Montgomery from Montverde, FL Academy who has really come on as an inside-out scorer on the blocks this season. Rounding out the top ten is 6-6 wing athlete Gerald Liddell from Cibolo, TX Steele High. He is an explosive scorer who can take it end to end off the break or create highlights on the drive.

But, no one in the top ten should rest on their laurels as there are a number of fast rising talents that will be looking to take those spots away with their play on the circuit this spring.  So as is usually the case as we enter the second half of the high school season and head into the spring we will see a number of players explode in April and challenge for top ten spots. So with that in mind, here is how we see the nation’s top rising juniors today, as we take a look at the FutureStars Class of 2018 Top 100+ talents:


Van Coleman’s FutureStars Class of 2018 Top 100+ 

Rank    Players                                           Hgt       Class              Pos                                                  Hometown High School State – College                              

1.           Marvin Bagley                               6’10      2018              PF                                                   Chatsworth (Sierra Canyon) CA

2.           Zion Williamson                           6’7        2018              PF                                                   Spartanburg (Day School) SC

3.           Romeo Langford                           6’4        2018              SG                                                   New Albany (H.S.) IN

4.           Cameron Reddish                          6’6        2018              SG                                                   Westtown (School) PA

5.           Silvio De Sousa                             6’8        2018              CF                                                   Bradenton (IMG Academy) FL

6.           Jordan Brown                                6’10      2018              PF                                                   Roseville (Woodcreek) CA

7.           Simisola Shittu                              6’8        2018              PF                                                   Saxon River (Vermont Academy) VT

8.           Javonte Smart                                6’4        2018              CG                                                  Baton Rouge (Scotlandville) LA

9.           E.J. Montgomery                          6’10      2018              PF                                                   Marietta (Wheeler) GA – Auburn

10.         Gerald Liddell                               6’6        2018              WF                                                  Cibolo (Steele) TX

11.         Courtney Ramey                           6’3        2018              PG                                                   Webster Groves (H.S.) MO

12.         Immanuel Quickly                        6’4        2018              SG                                                   Bel Air (John Carroll) MD

13.         Darius Garland                              6’0        2018              PG                                                   Nashville (Brentwood Academy) TN

14.         Jaylen Hoard                                  6’8        2018              WF                                                  High Point (Wesleyan Christian) NC

15.         Carte’Are Gordon                          6’9        2018              C                                                     Webster Groves (H.S.) MO – St. Louis

16.         Joey Hauser                                   6’8        2018              PF                                                   Stevens Point (H.S.) WI

17.         Moses Brown                                7’1        2018              C                                                     Queens (Archbishop Molloy) NY

18.         Ayo Dosunmu                               6’3        2018              CG                                                  Chicago (Morgan Park) NY

19.         Joe Wieskamp                               6’6        2018              WF                                                  Muscatine (H.S.) IA – Iowa

20.         Nazreon Reid                                 6’9        2018              C                                                     Roselle (Catholic) NJ

21.         Khavon Moore                              6’7        2018              WF                                                  Macon (Westside) GA

22.         Shareef O’Neal                              6’10      2018              PF                                                   Santa Monica (Crossroads) CA

23.         Bol Bol                                           7’0        2018              PF                                                   Olathe (Bishop Miege) KS

24.         Robert Woodard                            6’5        2018              WF                                                  Columbus (H.S.) MS

25.         Prentiss Hubb                                6’2        2018              SG                                                   Washington (Gonzaga) DC

26.         Keldon Johnson                            6’5        2018              SG                                                   Huntington (Prep) WV

27.         Miles Norris                                   6’8        2018              CF                                                   San Diego (Helix) CA

28.         Reginald Perry                               6’9        2018              PF                                                   Thomasville (H.S.) GA – Arkansas

29.         Quentin Grimes                             6’4        2018              SG                                                   The Woodlands (College Park) GA

30.         Elijah Weaver                                6’5        2018              SG                                                   Oldsmar (Christian ) FL

31.         Louis King                                     6’6        2018              WF                                                  Columbus Hudson Catholic)

32.         Devon Dotson                               6’1        2018              PG                                                   Charlotte (Providence Day) NC

33.         Jahvon Quinerly                            6’0        2018              SG                                                   Jersey City (Hudson Catholic) NJ

34.         Jalen Smith                                    6’9        2018              PF                                                   Baltimore (Mt St. Joseph) MD

35.         Tyler Herro                                    6’5        2018              SG                                                   Greenfield (Whitnall) WI – Wisconsin

36.         Coby White                                    6’3        2018              CG                                                  Wilson (Greenfield) NC

37.         Tre Jones                                        6’2        2018              PG                                                   Apple Valley (H.S.) MN

38.         David Singleton                            6’4        2018              SG                                                   Torrance (Bishop Montgomery) CA

39.         Jairius Hamilton                            6’7        2018              CF                                                   Concord (Cannon School) NC

40.         Emmitt Williams                           6’7        2018              PF                                                   Bradenton (IMG Academy) FL

41.         Emmanuel Akot                            6’6        2018              WF                                                  Mt. Pleasant (Wasatch Academy) UT

42.         Jontay Porter                                  6’9        2018              PF                                                   Seattle (Nathan Hale) WA – Washington

43.         Matthew Mayer                             6’7        2018              WF                                                  Austin (Westlake)

44.         Rechon Black                                6’5        2018              SG                                                   Montverde (Academy) FL – North Carolina

45.         Darius Bazley                                6’7        2018              WF                                                  Cincinnati (Finneytown) OH – Ohio State

46.         Isaiah Mucius                                6’8        2018              CF                                                   St. James (School) MD

47.         Brandon Johns                               6’7        2018              PF                                                   East Lansing (H.S.) MI

48.         Antwann Jones                              6’5        2018              SG                                                   Orlando (Oakridge) FL

49.         Spencer Freedman                        6’0        2018              PG                                                   Santa Ana (Mater Dei)

50.         Jacobi Gordon                               6’7        2018              WF                                                  Houston (Fallbrook Prep)

51.         Brandon Williams                         6’2        2018              CG                                                  Encino (Crespi) CA

52.         Kamaka Hepa                                6’7        2018              PF                                                   Portland (Jefferson) OR

53.         Anfernee Simons                           6’2        2018              PG                                                   Orlando (Edgewater) FL – Louisville

54.         Jamie Lewis                                   6’2        2018              PG                                                   Atlanta (Westlake) GA

55.         David McCormack                        6’10      2018              C                                                     Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA

56.         Brandon Slater                               6’5        2018              SG                                                   Fairfax (Paul VI) VA

57.         Jules Bernard                                 6’5        2018              SG                                                   Los Angeles (Windward) CA

58.         Lugentz Dort                                 6’4        2018              SG                                                   Orlando (Conrad Academy) FL

59.         Kevin Porter                                  6’4        2018              CG                                                  Seattle (Rainier Beach) WA

60.         Kiyon Boyd                                   6’5        2018              WF                                                  Washington (H.D. Woodson) DC

61.         J’raan Brooks                                 6’7        2018              PF                                                   Seattle (Garfield) WA

62.         Jordan McCabe                             5’11      2018              PG                                                   Kaukauna (H.S.) WI

63.         T.J. Moss                                        6’4        2018              SG                                                   Memphis (East) TN

64.         Nassir Little                                   6’6        2018              WF                                                  Orlando (Christian Prep) FL

65.         Jaedon LeDee                                6’7        2018              WF                                                  Houston (Kinkaid) TX

66.         Taeshon Cherry                             6’8        2018              PF                                                   San Diego (St. Augustine) CA

67.         Hameir Wright                              6’7        2018              WF                                                  Albany (Academy) NY

68.         Musa Jallow                                  6’5        2018              WF                                                  Bloomington (North) IN

69.         Sidney Wilson                               6’6        2018              WF                                                  Wolfeboro (Brewster Academy) NH

70.         Dwayne Cohill                              6’4        2018              SG                                                   Cleveland (Holy Name) OH

71,         Luther Muhammad                       6’3        2018              SG                                                   Jersey City (Hudson Catholic) NJ

72.         Tim Finke                                      6’6        2018              SG                                                   Champaign (Central) IL

73.         Greg Williams                               6’3        2018              SG                                                   Lafayette (Christian) LA

74.         Chris Smith                                    6’7        2018              WF                                                  Huntington (Prep) WV

75.         Cormac Ryan                                 6’5        2018              SG                                                   Milton (Academy) MA

76.         Ethan Henderson                           6’8        2018              CF                                                   Little Rock (Parkview) AR – Arkansas

77.         Reginald Chaney                           6’8        2018              PF                                                   Henderson (Findlay Prep) NV

78.         Trevion Williams                          6’8        2018              PF                                                   Detroit (Henry Ford) MI

79.         Kenneth Nwumba                         6’9        2018              C                                                     Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA

80.         A.J. Green                                      6’2        2018              PG                                                   Cedar Falls (H.S.) IA

81.         Robby Carmody                            6’4        2018              SG                                                   Mars (H.S.) PA

82.         Kendric Davis                                5’10      2018              PG                                                   Houston (Sam Houston) TX – TCU

83.         Jalen Carey                                    6’2        2018              PG                                                   Montclair (Immaculate Conception) NJ

84.         Atiba Taylor                                  6’3        2018              SG                                                   Hackensack (H.S.) NJ

85.         Franklin Agunanne                       6’9        2018              C                                                     San Antonio (St. Anthony’s) TX

86.         Mamadou Doucoure                     6’9        2018              PF                                                   Centerreach (Our Savior New American) NY – Rutgers

87.         Boubacar Diakite                          6’8        2018              PF                                                   Centerreach (Our Savior New American) NY

88.         Zion Young                                   6’3        2018              SG                                                   Mt. Pleasant (Wasatch Academy) UT

89.         Eric Ayala                                      6’3        2018              CG                                                  Putnam (H.S.) CT

90.         A.J. Reeves                                    6’5        2018              SG                                                   Chestnut Hill (Brimmer & May) MA

91.         Amadou Sow                                 6’9         2018              PF                                                   Benicia (Prolific Prep) CA

92.         Marcus Littles                                6’8        2018              PF                                                   Philadelphia (Newmann-Goretti) PA

93.         Michael Barber                              6’8         2018              WF                                                  Ridgeland (Veritas) MS

94.         Alex Lomax                                   6’0        2018              PG                                                   Memphis (East) TN

95.         Justin Ahrens                                 6’5        2018              WF                                                  Versailles (H.S.) OH – Ohio State

96.         Markquis Nowell                          5’8        2018              PG                                                   Brooklyn (Bishop Loughlin) NY

97.         Marquis Brown                             6’2        2018              CG                                                  Chicago (Simeon) IL

98.         Tyler Harris                                   5’10      2018              PG                                                   Memphis (Ridgeway) TN

99.         Drue Dinnon                                  6’1        2018              CG                                                  Smyrna (East Jackson) GA

100.       Thomas Kithier                             6’8        2018              PF                                                   Macomb (Dakota) MI – Michigan State


Next 30-plus:  (Potential Top 100 Breakthroughs): (Listed By Height)

Players                                                         Hgt       Class              Pos                                                  Hometown High School State – College

Adam Trapp                                                7’2        2018              C                                                     Esko (H.S.) MN

Oumma Keita                                              7’0        2018              C                                                     Hazard (Corda) KY

Onyinyechi Eyisi                                         6’10      2018              C                                                     Napa (Prolific Prep) CA

Warren Washington                                    6’10      2018              C                                                     San Marcos (Mission Hills) CA

Russell Barlow                                            6’10      2018              C                                                     Richardson (Berkner) TX

Michael Wang                                             6’10      2018              PF                                                   Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA

Jahmar Young                                             6’9        2018              C                                                     Dallas (South Oak Cliff) TX

Trey Jemison                                               6’9        2018              C                                                     Homewood (H.S.) AL

Jude Akubeze                                             6’9         2018             C                                                       Durham (Prominence) NC

Tristian Green                                            6’9         2018             PF                                                     Borne (Champion) TX

Jack Hemphill                                            6’9         2018             PF                                                     Raleigh (Ravenscroft) NC

Javian Fleming                                            6’8        2018              PF                                                   Canton (H.S.) MS

Joel Ntambwe                                              6’8        2018              PF                                                   Kernersville (Forest Trails) NC

Daniel Oturu                                                6’8        2018              PF                                                   St. Paul (Cretin-Derham) MN

Race Thompson                                          6’8        2018              PF                                                   Plymouth (Armstrong) MN

K.J. Hymes                                                  6’8        2018              CF                                                   Phoenix (St. Mary’s) AZ

LaDarius Marshall                                      6’7        2018              PF                                                   Jackson (Forest Hill) MS

DeShang Weaver                                        6’7        2018              CF                                                   Houston (Cypress Falls) TX

Tyron Brewer                                              6’7        2018              WF                                                  Meridian (H.S.) MS

Nate Laszewski                                           6’7        2018              WF                                                  Northfield (Mount Hermon) MA

Tyron Brewer                                              6’7        2018              WF                                                    Meridian (H.S.) MS

Tevian Jones                                                6’6        2018              WF                                                  Chandler (H.S.) AZ

Isaiah Kelly                                                  6’6        2018              WF                                                  Atlanta (Pace Academy) GA

Josh LeBlanc                                               6’5        2018              WF                                                  Baton Rouge (Madison) LA

Dane Goodwin                                            6’4        2018              SG                                                   Columbus (Upper Arlington) OH

Matt Bradley                                                6’4        2018              SG                                                   San Bernardino (H.S.) CA

Maka Ellis                                                    6’4        2018              SG                                                   Las Vegas (Siena Vista) NV

Steven Fitzgerald                                        6’4        2018              SG                                                     Somerset (SW Pulaski) KY

Rasir Bolton                                                 6’3        2018              SG                                                     Carlisle (H.S.) VA

Jamal Bienimey                                           6’3        2018              SG                                                   Katy (Thompson) TX

Will Dillard                                                  6’3        2018              SG                                                   Greensboro (Day School) NC

Eric Hunter                                                  6’3        2018              CG                                                  Indianapolis (Tindley School) IN

Jonathan Kabongo                                      6’3        2018              PG                                                   Huntington (Prep) WV

Noah Locke                                                 6’2        2018              CG                                                  Owings Mills (H.S.) MD

Curtis Aiken                                                6’1        2018              PG                                                   Wexford (North Allegany) PA

James Akinjo                                               5’11      2018              PG                                                   Richmond (Salesian) CA

Damon Harge                                              5’9        2018              PG                                                   Arden (Christ School) NC

Eden Holt                                                     5’7        2018              PG                                                   Sugar Land (Ft. Bend Austin) TX

Chase Adams                                               5’6        2018              PG                                                   Chicago Heights (Marian Catholic) IL


Best of the Rest: (Listed By Height)

Players                                                         Hgt       Class              Pos                                                  Hometown High School State – College

Jack Wilson                                                 7’1        2018              C                                                     San Mateo (J. Serra) CA – Oregon State

Majur Majok                                                7’1        2018              C                                                     Simi Valley (Village Christian) CA

Bryan Penn-Johnson                                   6’11      2018              C                                                     Las Vegas (Coronado) NV

Nathan Roberts                                            6’11      2018              C                                                     Bethesda (John Carroll) MD

Kaosi Ezeague                                             6’10      2018              C                                                     Brampton (GTA Prep) ON

Keenan Fitzmorris                                       6’10      2018              C                                                     Lenexa (St. James Academy) KS

Nathan Mensah                                           6’10      2018              C                                                     Napa (Prolific Prep) CA

Antwan January                                          6’10      2018              C                                                     Woodland Hills (Taft) CA

Fred Odhiambo                                           6’10      2018              C                                                     Mission Hills (Bishop Alemany) CA

Ernest Williams                                           6’10      2018              C                                                     Middletown (H.S.) OH

Mohammad Abdulsalem                            6’9        2018              C                                                     Decatur (Greenforest Christian) GA

Joseph Jones                                                6’9        2018              C                                                     Buffalo (Park School) NY

Roderick Smith                                           6’9        2018              C                                                     Crystal Springs (H.S.) MS

Darnell Brodie                                             6’9        2018              C                                                     Putnam (Science) CT

Kobe Brown                                                6’9        2018              C                                                     Huntsville (H.S.) AL

Jake Forrester                                              6’9        2018              PF                                                   Westtown (School) PA

Nate Roberts                                                6’9        2018              PF                                                   Bel Air (John Carroll) MD

Jermain Harris                                             6’8        2018              PF                                                   Clinton (Christian) MD

Kristian Sjolund                                          6’8        2018              PF                                                   Katy (Thompkins) TX

Grayson Carter                                            6’8        2018              PF                                                   Denton (Guyer) TX

Solomon Uyaelunmo                                  6’8        2018              PF                                                   Miami (Gulliver Prep) FL

Valdir Manuel                                             6’8        2018              PF                                                   Elizabeth (Patrick School) NJ

Riley Battin                                                  6’8        2018              PF                                                   Oak Park (H.S.) CA

Arashma Parks                                            6’8        2018              PF                                                   Springfield (Commonwealth Academy) MA

Ethan Henderson                                         6’7        2018              PF                                                   Little Rock (Parkview) AR

D’Marco Bancum                                        6’7        2018              PF                                                   Arlington (Bishop (O’Connell) VA

Bryce Golden                                              6’7        2018              PF                                                   St. James (H.S.) MD

Ishmael Valdez                                            6’7        2018              CF                                                   Centereach (Our Savior New American) NY

Greg Floyd                                                   6’7        2018              WF                                                  Bradenton (Victory Rock) FL – Long Beach State

Cole Swinder                                               6’7        2018              WF                                                  Barrington (St. Andrew’s) RI

Edward Chang                                             6’7        2018              WF                                                  Papillion (LaVista) NE

Jerome Hunter                                             6’7        2018              WF                                                  Pickerington (H.S.) OH

Jacobi Gordon                                             6’6        2018              CF                                                   Houston (Pro Vision) TX

Harrison Butler                                            6’6        2018              WF                                                  Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA

K.J. Buffe                                                    6’6        2018              WF                                                  Gainesville (H.S.) GA

Khalid Moore                                              6’6        2018              WF                                                  Queens (Archbishop Molloy) NY

D.J. Mitchell                                                6’6        2018              WF                                                  Oldsmar (Christian) FL

Keshawn Bryant                                          6’6        2018              WF                                                  Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA

Jamal Bey                                                    6’6        2018              WF                                                  Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV

Darius Days                                                 6’6        2018              WF                                                  Gainesville (Rock School) NV

Hunter Tyson                                               6’6        2018              WF                                                  Monroe (Piedmont) NC

Kevin Easley                                               6’6        2018              WF                                                  Indianapolis (Lawrence North) IN

Raekwon Drake                                           6’5        2018              CF                                                   Chicago (Orr) IL

Darnezi Anderson                                       6’5        2018              WF                                                  South Bend (Riley) IN

Jeenathan Williams                                     6’5        2018              WF                                                  Rochester (University Prep) NY

Rodgerick Brown                                        6’5        2018              WF                                                  Cordova (H.S.) TN

Talen Horton-Tucker                                  6’5        2018              WF                                                  Chicago (Simeon) IL

Landers Nolley                                            6’5        2018              WF                                                  Fairborn (Langston-Higher) GA

Karrington Davis                                         6’5        2018              WF                                                  St. Louis (Chaminade) MO

David Mitchell                                            6’5        2018              WF                                                  Belmont (Belmont Hill) MA

Nelson Phillips                                            6’5        2018              SG                                                   Warner Robbins (H.S.) GA

Diante Wood                                               6’5        2018              SG                                                   Anniston (Sacred Heart) AL

Nicholas Bonitto                                         6’4        2018              WF                                                  Ft. Lauderdale (University) FL

Will Richardson                                          6’4        2018              SG                                                   Hinesville (Liberty County) GA

Nasim Gaskin                                              6’4        2018              SG                                                   Oakland (Bishop O’Dowd) CA

D.J. Stewart                                                 6’4        2018              SG                                                   Avon (Riverside) MS

Sharone Wright                                           6’4        2018              SG                                                   Florence (West Florence) SC

Qon Murphy                                                6’4        2018              SG                                                   Concordia (Cannon School) NC

Torrance Watson                                         6’4        2018              SG                                                   St. Louis (Whitfield) MO

Keyontae Johnson                                       6’4        2018              SG                                                   Bradenton (IMG Academy) FL

Myles Oread                                                6’4        2018              SG                                                   Washington (Gonzaga) DC

Gavin Schoewald                                        6’4        2018              SG                                                   Brentwood (Academy) TN

Will Richardson                                          6’4        2018              SG                                                   Hinesville (Liberty County) GA

Montez Mathis                                            6’4        2018              SG                                                   Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill Academy) VA

Matthue Cotton                                           6’4        2018              SG                                                   Newark (St. Bernard’s) NJ

Ryan Boyce                                                 6’4        2018              SG                                                   Germantown (Houston) TN

Tony Johnson                                              6’4        2018              SG                                                   Eufaula (H.S.) AL

Payton Moore                                              6’3        2018              CG                                                  Santa Monica (H.S.) CA

Tavon Jones                                                 6’3        2018              CG                                                  Linden (H.S.) NJ

Tyrek Chambers                                          6’3        2018              SG                                                   Middle Village (Christ the King) NY

Trey Woodbury                                           6’3        2018              SG                                                   Las Vegas (Clark) NV

Kenneth Lee                                                6’3        2018              SG                                                   Marietta (Wheeler) GA

Wayne Arnold                                             6’3        2018              SG                                                   Compton (Dominguez) CA

Keyshawn Embery                                      6’2        2018              CG                                                  Midwest City (H.S.) OK

Lamar Norman                                            6’2        2018              CG                                                  Wyoming (Godwin Heights) MI

Omar Silverio                                              6’2        2018              CG                                                  Bronx (St. Raymond’s) NY

Cameron Johnson                                       6’2        2018              CG                                                  Nashville (Brentwood Academy) TN

Isaiah Bujdoso                                             6’2        2018              PG                                                   Bel Air (Sunrise Christian) KS

D.D. Utley                                                   6’1        2018              CG                                                  Bayside (Cardozo) NY

Rasir Bolton                                                 6’1        2018              PG                                                   Richmond (Bishop Sullivan) VA

David Dejulius                                            6’1        2018              PG                                                   Detroit (East English Village) – Michigan

Desi Sills                                                      6’1        2018              PG                                                   Jonesboro (Senior) AR – Arkansas

Xavier Castaneda                                        6’0        2018              PG                                                   Chicago (Whitney Young) IL

Elijah Hardy                                                6’0        2018              PG                                                   Oakland (Bishop O’Dowd) CA

Tai Strickland                                              6’0        2018              PG                                                   Tampa (Prep) FL

Robert Phinisee                                           5’11      2018              PG                                                   Lafayette (McCutcheon) IN

Jordan Walker                                             5’10      2018              PG                                                   Elizabeth (Patrick School) NJ

Foster Loyer                                                5’10      2018              PG                                                   Clarkston (H.S.) – Michigan State

Nicholas Honor                                           5’10      2018              PG                                                   Orlando (Lake Highland) FL

Tyson Walker                                              5’8        2018              PG                                                   Bayside (Cardozo) NY

That’s our mid-season look at the Class of 2018, we will update the class again after the Spring Evaluation Period, so if you think we missed a deserving player…just email me at van@thebasketballchannel.net and I will add them to me spring evaluation list. Also, if you see a player who’s school has changed email that update…we had 22 players in our Top 100 who changed schools this fall! Up next will be my first look at the Class of 2019!