The summer is done, and the Class of 2021 has shown some promise at the top and depth especially in the number of fast developing big men that we observed in both the spring and summer…How good it becomes may rely on the development of its overall depth in the backcourt to fit today’s need to fill it up from the perimeter, but that depth will be something that we will be watching for over the next year or so.

As far as our first cut rankings of this class, three talents have emerged ahead of the rest of the pack in a trio of very talented and athletic forwards in Patrick Baldwin (pictured above), Terrence Clark, and Michael Foster.  They have the tools to all be on top our list, but for now, 6’8 Patrick Baldwin and his consistent ability to perform at all levels, has emerged as our initial #1 prospect in the rising sophomore class. He has a great skill set, can play either forward spot and score from the arc to the rim. He is an excellent rebounder and passer who effects the game on both ends. Right behind him in the #2 spot is the most explosive scorer of the trio in 6’6 Terrence Clark, this explosive wing can knock down perimeter jumper or attack the rim off the dribble and finish with big-time highlights. As he continues to mature, he will become a dominant force who challenges for the top spot!. Rounding out this trio is the most athletically gifted of the trio in Michael Foster, who at 6’9 can dominate the paint and make highlights with the best in high school. He was injured most of the spring and seemed to play in spurts, but don’t be fooled he belongs in the conversation with Baldwin and Clark for the top spot at this point!

Right behind the above-mentioned trio is a fast rising duo in 6’4 scoring machine Jaden Hardy who can score from three or create highlights with his explosive play at the rim. Rounding out the top five is one of the class’ fastest risers in 6’8 Paolo Banchero who has excellent skills and I.Q. for the game and brought it every time out when we watched. They will be in a battle to hold their spots from a talented group of four bigs and a skilled point guard that make up the second five.

At #6 is athletic rebounder and face-up four man 6’8 Jonathan Kuminga who can play either wing spot. In at #7 is physical rebounder and post defender, 6’9 Moussa Diabate. They are followed by the class’ top point in 5’11 Zion Harmon. He has an excellent basketball I.Q. and a real knack for delivering the rock to the open man. Behind him are two long and athletic big men in 6’10 Moussa Cisse and 6’11 John Butler who can doinate the game in the paint, especially defensively.

There are a number of talented, albeit young talents who impressed us as you will see on our list. If they continue to develop this can be a stellar class, but its early and we expect this list to see lots of changes over the next twelve to eighteen months, that for sure! So, with that in mind, here is how we see the nation’s top rising sophomores today, as we take a look at my FutureStars Class of 2021 Top 75+ and other talents to watch:

Van Coleman’s FutureStars Class of 2021 Top 75 Players!

 Rank    Players                                          Hgt       Pos          Hometown High School State – College

  1. Patrick Baldwin                                      6’8        CF              Milwaukee (Hamilton) WI
  2. Terrence Clark                                        6’6        WF              Wolfeboro (Brewster Academy) NH
  3. Michael Foster                                        6’9        PF              Milwaukee (Washington) WI
  4. Jaden Hardy                                           6’4        SG              Henderson (Coronado) NV
  5. Paolo Banchero                                     6’8        CF              Seattle (O’Dea) WA
  6. Jonathan Kuminga                               6’8        PF              Huntington (Prep) WV
  7. Moussa Diabate                                    6’9        PF              Melbourne (Florida Prep) FL
  8. Zion Harmon                                        5’11      PG              Benton (Marshall County) KY
  9. Moussa Cisse                                        6’10      C              Middle Village (Christ the King) NY
  10. John Butler                                           6’11      C              Greenville (Christ Church Episcopal) SC
  11. Will Jeffress                                          6’6        WF              Erie (McDowell) PA
  12. Aminu Mohammed                             6’6        WF              Radnor (Archbishop Carroll) PA
  13. Jonathan Lawson                                6’7        WF              Memphis (East) TN
  14. Jerrell Colbert                                      6’10      PF              Houston (Sam Rayburn) TX
  15. Keon Edwards                                      6’7        WF              Pasadena (Sam Rayburn) TX
  16. Adrian Griffin                                       6’4        SG              White Plains (Archbishop Stepinac) NY
  17. Trey Patterson                                      6’8        WF              Somerset (Rutgers Prep) NJ
  18. Frank Kepnang                                     6’10      C              Springfield (MacDuffie School) MA
  19. Max Christie                                          6’5        SG              Rolling Meadows (H.S.) IL
  20. Carson McCorkle                                  6’3        SG              Greensboro (Day School) NC
  21. J.T. Thor                                                 6’7        CF              Huntington (Prep) WV
  22. Caleb Furst                                            6’8        PF              Fort Wayne (Blackhawk Christian) IN
  23. Randy Brady                                          6’4        CG              Brentwood (Academy) TN
  24. Kendall Brown                                      6’7        WF              St. Paul (East Ridge) MN
  25. Chuks Isitua                                          6’11      C              Houston (Cy-Fair) TX
  26. Wilhelm Breidenbach-Dortz             6’8        PF              Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA
  27. Dallan Coleman                                   6’4        SG              Callahan (West Nassau) FL
  28. Obinna Anyanwu                                6’7        CF              Los Angeles (Cathedral) CA
  29. Zaon Collins                                         6’0        PG              Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman)
  30. Sekou Collins                                       6’10      C              Louisville (Aspire Academy) KY
  31. Anton Brookshire                                6’2        CG              Kickapoo (H.S.) MO
  32. Kristian Lander                                    5’11      PG              Evansville (Reitz) IN
  33. Nathan Bittle                                        6’11      C              Central Point (Crater) OR
  34. Tayquan Woodley                               6’6        CF              Philadelphia (Neumann-Goretti) PA
  35. Christian Bento                                   6’11      C              Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA
  36. Rahsool Diggins                                  6’1        CG              Warminister (Archbishop Wood) PA
  37. Walter Clayton Jr.                              6’2        PG              Lake Wales (H.S.) FL
  38. Meechie Johnson                               5’11      PG              Garfield Heights (H.S.) OH
  39. Devin Askew                                        6’3        CG              Santa Ana (Mater Dei) CA
  40. Grant Newell                                       6’5        WF              Chicago (Whitney Young) IL
  41. Bretner Mutombo                              6’11      C              Suwanee (Lincoln Academy) GA
  42. Alexis Reyes                                        6’5        WF              Pomfret (Rectory School) CT
  43. Ahmad Bynum                                   6’2        SG              Chicago (Simeon) IL
  44. Sam Onu                                              7’0        C              Houston (Texas Christian) TX
  45. Kamryn Waites                                  6’9        PF              Coppell (Universal Academy) TX
  46. Jai Smith                                             6’9        C              Syracuse (Bishop Loudon) NY
  47. Micawber Etienne                             6’10      C              Pomfret (Rectory School) CT
  48. Rodrique Ruffin                                5’10      PG              Jackson (Calloway) MS
  49. Trey Alexander                                  6’4        SG              Midwest City (Heritage Hall) PK
  50. Chet Holmgren                                  7’0        C              Minneapolis (Minnehaha Academy) MN
  51. Matthew Mors                                   6’7        PF              Yankton (H.S.) SD
  52. Harrison Ingram                              6’7        WF              Dallas (St. Mark’s) TX
  53. Trevor Keels                                      6’4        SG              Fairfax (Paul VI) VA
  54. Jaquan Carlos                                  6’0        PG              Brooklyn (Jefferson) NY
  55. Myles Phillips                                   5’8        PG              Seattle (Franklin) WA
  56. Arthur Kaluma                                 6’7        PF              Coppell (Universal Academy) TX
  57. Wesley Cardet Jr.                             6’5        SG              Oakland Park (Northeast) FL
  58. Frankie Anselem                              6’10      C              Atlanta (Westlake) GA
  59. Jaylin Gibson                                    6’3        SG              Evanston (Township) IL
  60. Drissa Traore                                     6’7        CF              Newport (Success Academy) NY
  61. Jordan Shorter                                  6’5        SG              Miami (Northeast) FL
  62. Marcus Dockery                                6’0        PG              Washington (Roosevelt) DC
  63. K.J. Andrews                                      6’6        WF              Austin (St. Andrew’s) TX
  64. Efton Reid                                           6’11      C              Richmond (Steward School) VA
  65. YaYa Keita                                           6’9        C              St. Louis (DeSmet) MO
  66. Victory Naboya                                   6’9        PF              Washington (St. John’s) DC
  67. Donnell Harris                                    6’7        WF              Miami (B.T. Washington) FL
  68. Daniel Nixon                                       6’6        WF              Deerfield (Eaglebrook School) MA
  69. Carter Whitt                                        6’2        PG              Raleigh (Leesville Road) NC
  70. Adam Sanogo                                      6’8        PF              Centerreach (Our Savior New American) NY
  71. Zaba Bangala                                       6’6        WF              Newark (St. Benedict’s) NJ
  72. Will McClendon                                  6’3        SG              Las Vegas (Bishop Gorman) NV
  73. Lynn Kidd                                             6’9        PF              Gainesville (The Rock) FL
  74. Nnanna Njoku                                     6’10      C              Hockessin (Sanford) DE
  75. Luke Turner                                         6’5        WF              Temecula (Rancho Christian) CA
  76. Connor Redrow                                   6’10      C              Coppell (Universal Academy) TX

Best of the Rest – (Potential Top 100 Breakthroughs) – (Listed by Height)

Players                                                         Hgt       Pos              Hometown High School State – College

Mark Williams                                             7’0        C              Virginia Beach (Norfolk Academy) VA

Rocco Muratori                                           6’11      C              West Lafayette (H.S.) IN

Sekou Gassama                                           6’10      C              St. Louis (Christian) MO

Olu Durosinmi                                             6’9        C              Ashburn (Virginia Academy) VA

Matthew Nunez                                           6’9        C              Newport News (Woodside) VA

Roosevelt Wheeler                                      6’9        C              Richmond (John Marshall) VA

Lawson Lovering                                        6’9        PF              Cheyenne (Central) WY

Reuben Fatheree                                          6’8        C              Richmond (Foster) TX

Jourdan Dishmond                                      6’8        PF              South Plainfield (Holy Savior) NJ

DaRon Holmes                                            6’8        PF              Goodyear (Millennium) AZ

Michael Nganeu                                          6’7        PF              Grand Prairie (South) TX

Trinity Bell                                                  6’7        PF              Albertville (H.S.) AL

David Dixon                                                6’7        PF              Memphis (Ridgeway) TN

D.J. Hughes                                                 6’7        PF              Indianapolis (Lawrence North) IN

Dontrez Styles                                             6’7        WF              Kinston (H.S.) NC

Nate Santos                                                  6’7        WF              Windsor (Loomis Chafee School) CT

Cole Middleton                                           6’6        PF              Atlanta (Pace) GA

Owen Lobsinger                                          6’6        CF              Grand Blanc (Powers Catholic) MI

Marcus Reedy                                              6’6        CF              Moreno Valley (Rancho Verde) CA

Matthew Delaney                                        6’5        WF              Richland )St. Augustine) NJ

David Roddy                                               6’5        WF              St. Paul (Breck School) MN

Jakal Robinson                                            6’5        WF              Port Washington (National Christian) MD

Julius Ellerbe                                               6’5        SG              Upper Marlboro (Capitol Christian) MD

Dimitrios Stragilinos                                   6’5        SG              Phoenix (Hillcrest Prep) AZ

Christian Howell                                         6’4        WF              San Marcos (H.S.) CA

Cameron Palesse                                         6’4        WF              Waukesha (West) WI

Javon Ruffin                                                6’4        SG              New Orleans (Neuman) LA

Brandon Weston                                          6’4        SG              Lake Forest (Academy) IL

Pierce Thomas                                             6’4        SG              Brownsburg (H.S.) IN

Cole Anderson                                            6’3        CG              Fresno (Clovis West) CA

Garrison Powell                                           6’3        SG              Atlanta (Holy Innocents) GA

Jaden Harris                                                 6’3        SG              Macon (Stratford Academy) GA

Madison Peaster                                          6’2        SG              Little Rock (Mills) AR

Drake Booker                                              6’2        SG              Las Vegas (Durango) NV

Quincy Wiseman                                         6’2        SG              Davenport (North) IA

Paris Dawson                                               6’1        CG              Corona (Centennial) CA

Wade Taylor                                                6’1        PG              Lancaster (H.S.) TX

Camren Hayes                                             6’1        PG              Greensboro (Day School) NC

Frankie Collins                                            6’0        PG              Las Vegas (Clark) NV

Ryan Conway                                              6’0        PG              Baltimore (Dulaney) MD

Jalen Blackmon                                           6’0        PG              Marion (H.S.) IN

Isaiah Thompson                                         5’11      PG              Dobbs Ferry (Master’s School) NY

Kennedy Chandler                                      5’11      PG              Memphis (Briarcrest) TN

A.J. Neal                                                      5’9        PG              Orlando (West Oaks Academy) FL

Daeshun Ruffin                                           5’9        PG              Jackson (Callaway) MS


That’s our first look at ranking the Class of 2021, we will update the class again after Fall Evaluation Periods, so if you think we missed a deserving player…just email me at and I will add them to me fall evaluation list!