A number of the West Coasts’ top prospects in the rising sophomore and freshman class were on display this past weekend in Westminster, CA at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph Camp at the Westminster High School Fieldhouse. Camp Director Dinos Trigonis hosted over 230 players from ten different states across the western parts part of the USA.

The camp featured a deep group of young guards that showed headed by Devin Askew, Isael Silva, De’Vontes Cobb and Richard Isaacs Jr. They dominated throughout the weekend play as well as the Cream of the Crop match-ups!

In the front court, Wilhelm Breidenbach, Henri Adrissa (pictured above left) and Kijani Wright (pictured above right) were the top standouts, but there was an intriguing group of talents in process that will draw lots of college interest to the west coast over the next couple of years, so stay tuned. With that in mind here’s a quick look at the top talent and others to watch that emerged at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph West Camp:

TOP BIGS (Listed by Height)

Christian Bento                                 6’11”    2021            Great Oak (Temecula CA) – This long, but thin big man continues to develop and uses his hard-working style to get it done on the glass.  He needs to continue to hit the weights and add bulk and strength to let his solid set of skills raise his stock. Look for him to get lots of high major interest in the development!

Henri Adrissa                                    6’10”    2022            Crossroads (Santa Monica CA) – Athletic and long big man who attacks ball on defense end and blocked shots with regularity. He runs the floor well and beat other bigs in transition on occasion. He has ok hands and solid foot work, but needs to work on using them to create separation on the blocks until his body fills out. Lots of upside here as he matures and gets stronger. One for high majors to watch!

Wilhelm Breidenbach                       6’9″      2021            Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA) – One of the hardest working young posts/power forwards I’ve seen in last couple years, He flat out just out works people on the glass, blocks shots on “D” and attacks the basket on the post up. He is excellent at pick and roll or pick and pop with range to the arc. He is a good passer out of post or from high post. Hard worker who will see high major interest from now forward!

Deiman Reyes Cassiani        6’9″      2021    Veritas Prep (CA) – This active rebounder has a good nose for the ball off the glass and is a good finisher on the offensive glass. He has good hands, catches it in traffic and uses the kiss on finish with regularity. He needs to show more in the pop and face game, but did hit a fifteen footer on the baseline that shows promise. He’s a work in progress that will see lots of mid-up interest next spring on the circuit.

Nicholas Davidson                6’8″      2021    Santa Margarita (CA) – Solid low post who uses his body to seal, catch and score. He has good feet and hands to create space or catch it in traffic. He is willing to bang in the paint on both ends and runs floor on the break. He has to continue to develop his pop out and face game, but has good touch and form on jumper that will allow him to make that move. One for Mids-Up to monitor.

Kijani Wright                        6’8″      2022            Windward (Los Angeles CA) – Athletic rebounder who can dominate around the hoop scoring going either way or pop out to 17-feet and attack bigs off the dribble and finish at the rim versus contact. He can board and start break with dribble or pass too! He is working on moving his game to the perimeter, so stay tuned as he continues to extend his game and range on his jumper. He is among the best in his class and will see lots of major come calling in the future!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Garrett Andre                          6’9       2021    Foothills (Santa Ana CA)

Dillon White                           6’8       Cathedral (San Diego CA)

Harry Hornery                         6’8″      2021    Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)

Chris Fan                                6’8″      2021    Modesto Christian (CA)

Daniel Rouzan                        6’7″      2021    Gorman (Las Vegas NV)

Randy Ovalle                          6’7″      2022    San Gabriel Academy (CA)

Kyle Frelow                            6’6″      2021    Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)

Derrick Nettles                        6’6″     2021    Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley CA)

Brendan Terry                         6’6″      2021            Crossroads (Santa Monica CA)

Brandon Richard                     6’6″      2021            Windward (Los Angeles CA)

Xavier Edmonds                     6’6″      2023    Cava MS (Los Angeles CA)

TOP WINGS (Listed by Height)

Paxton Burzell                       6’7″      2021    JSerra (San Juan Capistrano CA) – Left handed wing who has good length and solid stroke off the dribble from 17-feet. He did good job on glass, but needs to continue to add upper body strength to extend range and become a finisher versus contact. He has lots of upside that will draw D-1’s to take a look on the circuit this year.

Jorge Ochoa                          6’7″      2022    Orange Lutheran (Orange CA) – This solid wing athlete can knock down jumper off catch and shoot or attack off the dribble and hit pull-up from 15-feet. He finished in transition at the rim with the flush and is a solid rebounder that will draw lots of mid-up interest on the circuit next year.

Chris Howell                         6’6″      2021    San Marcos (San Marcos CA) – Athletic wing who can drive and finish in traffic. He showed that he can knock down mid-range off the dribble. He looked to “D” up opponents and is good rebounder from the perimeter. He will see lots of D-1 interest in the future.

Luke Turner                          6’6″      2021    Rancho Christian (Temecula CA) – Physical and athletic wing showed a good stroke from perimeter and an ability to slash to the hoop and finish with hops and length at the rim. He showed he can make pass if doubled on drive and is a good rebounder on both ends. His athletic gifts will intrigue Mid to high majors.

Anthony Swift                       6’5″      2021    Desert Pines (Las Vegas NV) – Athletic wing with long arms that finished in transition or off the drive over bigs in the paint. He needs to get stronger to finish versus contact at times, but uses his range to three to set up drive. He uses his length to get on the glass and start the break. One for D-1’s to monitor.

Grant  Tull                             6’5”     2021    Gridley (CA) – Lefty wing man who knocked down jumper off the dribble inside the arc or finished versus contact at the rim versus contact. He started break off the glass and is at his best in transition game or n isolation on the wing. He needs to add consistency to his jumper from three and become more of a two-handed threat to bring interest from mids-up that his athleticism promises. Tools are there!

Jahmai Mashack                   6’4″      2021    Etiwanda (CA) – Tough hard nosed wing who can post up wings and score with either hand, step out create dribble drive and finish in traffic versus contact in the paint. He is a good passer on the break and is willing to mix it up on the glass too!

Kennedy “Reece” Dixon      6’4″      2021    Dorsey (Los Angeles CA) – This swing man can knock down three off of catch and shoot or create jumper off dribble inside the arc. He can get to rim and create and one too! He has good handle and loves to cross & go if over played due to his shot range. Look for mids-up to take a look!

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

DJ Allen                                  6’5″      2021    Mary Star (San Pedro CA)

D’aunte (DJ)    Johnson           6’5″      2021    Moreau Catholic (Hayward CA)

Everett May                            6’5″      2021    Los Alamitos (CA)

Orlando Greenlow                  6’5″      2023    Santa Monica (CA)

Devin  Walker-Lewis             6’4”     2021    Los Altos (Hacienda Heights CA)

Jeremiah Paul                         6’4″      2021    St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)

Justin   Rochelin                      6’4″      2021    Heritage Christian (Northridge CA)

Marsalis Roberson                  6’4″      2021    Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland CA)

Gabriel Quiette                       6’4       2022    Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)

Cory Curtis Jr                         6’4       2021    View Park Prep (Los Angeles CA)

Adam Hinton                          6’4       2021    Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood CA)

Shaqir  O’Neal                        6’3″      2021            Crossroads (Santa Monica CA)

TOP GUARDS (Listed by Height)

Devin Askew                          6’4″      2021    Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA) – Explosive scorer who dominated much of the weekend in Westminster! He can knock down three to keep “D” honest, but is a monster attacking the rim off the dribble to create highlights at the rim. He is a good passer and makes you pay if doubled up, and he gets after it on defense and isn’t afraid to get floor burns!  He will see lots of major interest that’s for sure!

John Christofilis                   6’4″      2021    O’Dea (Seattle WA) – Solid scoring guard who has range to three and handle to create drive in the half court. He has mid-range pull-up and can score in all three zones, so he’s tough to stop off the dribble. He gets on glass from wing and will “D” you up too! He has the tools to intrigue high majors.

Christian Moore                    6’4″      2022            Brentwood (Los Angeles CA) – Athletic scoring guard knocked down jumper from three but was at his best pulling up from 12-15 feet off the dribble. He can finish in traffic at the rim too! He helped on the glass and did post up smaller guards when mismatched. He will be on D-1 radar next spring!

Isael Silva                               6’3″      2021    Jesuit (Carmichael CA) – He burst onto the national scene at this event! He has excellent quicks and size at the point, can see the court and makes good decisions with ball in transition or half-court. He hit jumper from three, ran the draw and kick and showed he can finish in variety of ways in the paint. He scored at will off dribble or with jumper but looked for his teammates first. High major point with normal progression at this point!

De’Vontes Cobbs                   6’3″      2022    Shadow Mountain (Phoenix AZ) – Only in the house on Saturday, he didn’t hit his stride until the last game of the day. He has range to three, can create drive with either hand, and can run the break in transition. He wasn’t at level we’ve seen from him in the past, but irregardless high majors need to be monitoring this long and lean athletic combo guard.

Christopher Washington     6’3″      2021    St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA) – This athletic scoring guard has excellent quicks with the ball in transition or on the drive in half court. He has an ok stroke from three, that sets up drive and sees the court and can deliver the ball off the draw and kick too! He has excellent hands on defense and is a back-court talent that will see lots of mid-up interest on the circuit next spring.

Joseph Hunter                       6’3″      2022    San Joaquin Memorial (Fresno CA) – This combo has good quicks with ball in transition and with first step in half-court to create pass or drive. He is a good finisher in traffic, but he needs to work on developing a consistent jumper to set up drive. If he does look for mids-up to come calling, as the other pieces are there.

KJ Simpson                           6’2″      2021            Chaminade (West Hills CA) – This athletic guard can flat out attack the rim off the dribble and finish with highlights versus contact at the rim. He uses angles and the glass to finish too! He has excellent handle and can bring it in transition and hit open man if doubled up. He has ok jumper, but needs to work on consistency and make it a weapon to go with his explosive dribble drive game. He is definitely one that mids-up need to monitor!

Richard Isaacs Jr.                 6’1″      2022    Coronado (Henderson NV) – This uber talented young frosh, can run the show or light you up from three or attack and finish in traffic in the lane. He has a scoring point mentality, but is at his best when he balances that game with his ability to deliver the pass. He has the tools, handle, shot, and basketball I.Q. to develop into one of class of 2022’s best period!

Zaon Collins                          6’0″      2021    Gorman (Las Vegas NV) – Quick ball handling point who can really bring it in transition or the half-court with the dribble and pass. He is really tough to double because of his handle, but faces it a lot due to his questionable perimeter jumper! He is an excellent passer who can deliver rock to open man, but his final level will be determined by how much he improves jumper on the perimeter. All levels of D-1 should be monitoring his development.

Others to Watch (Listed by Height)

Jaden   Alexander                   6’3″      2021    St. Patrick/St. Vincent (Vallejo CA)

Aidan  Burke                          6’2″      2022            Archbishop Mitty (San Diego CA)

Ben Shtolzberg                       6’2″      2022    Notre Dame High (Sherman Oaks CA)

Aaron  Burgin                         6’2″”    2021    San Diego (CA)

Jonathan McCullough             6’2″      2021    Hesperia (CA)

Keith Higgins                          6’2″      2021            Chaminade (West Hills CA)

Frankie Collins                       6’1″     2021    Clark (Las Vegas NV) –

Julian Hammond                     6’1″      2021    Cherry Creek (Denver CO)

Dylan  Andrews                      6’1″      2022            Windward (Los Angeles CA)

Hayden Gray                           6’1       2021    Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach CA)

Jason   Hart                             6’1″      2022    Dorsey (Los Angeles CA)

Milos Uzan                             6’1″      2022    Desert Pines (Las Vegas NV)

Jaden   Byers                           6’0″      2021    Rancho Christian (Temecula CA)

Tsalta “TJ” Wainwright          6’0″      2021    Santa Monica (CA)

Isaac Peralta                            5’11”    2022    Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)

Mike Anderson                       5’10”    2021    Roman Catholic (Philadelphia PA)

TJ Muhammad                        5’9″      2021            Crossroads (Santa Monica CA)

We evaluated another 29 players that we thought had the potential to play at the scholarship level…so if you missed a player they might be in that group.  Next up, we will be heading to Dallas, so stay tuned for our look at the top talent at the Pangos All-Frosh/Soph South Camp, right here at TheBasketballChannel.net